Feb 8, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 4 (2000)

HEADLINES - JUGGS DREAD 6/28/2000 Darva Conger, nurse turned millionaire's wife, turned media whore, goes on talk shows to tell the public that she doesn't want to be on talk shows.

INDECISION 2000 - JAZZ HANDS 7/26/2000 Now more than ever we are reminded that politics is about image, media image.

MOMENT OF ZEN - JASON PRIESTLEY 9/25/2000 Jason Priestley jazzes up his rant against the media with a choice invective.

SURVIVOR CELEBRITIES 8/24/2000 Steve Carell believes it's not only appropriate, but crucial for the media to turn reality show contestants into celebrities.

HEADLINES - LOSING A BUNDLE 4/25/2000 Fresh from breaking up the Elian Gonzales media monopoly, the Justice Department sets its sights on Microsoft.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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