Jan 21, 2019

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns - Part 2 (1999)

HEADLINES - DOWN BY LAW 5/17/1999 In spite of tireless lobbying by the NRA, crime rates dropped for the seventh consecutive year.

BACK IN BLACK - IBERIAN IDIOTS 5/26/1999 Lewis Black comments on gun control, Jews, matadors and motor oil

OTHER NEWS - BLUBBER SOUL 5/18/1999 The whale hunt marks a return to a proud Native American custom: killing a whale with traditional bullets from traditional guns.

HEADLINES - YOUNG GUNS 6/17/1999 Capitol Hill argues through the night over causes of youth violence, while punching numbers into their complementary pearl handled Colt calculators.

KIDS AND GUNS AND MEDIA 6/17/1999 Whether you're talking about kids and guns, or kids and the media, the problem always comes back to the kids.

The Daily Show Does The NRA & Guns

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