Jan 22, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Democrats - Part 5 (2001)

BACK IN BLACK - ANGER MANAGEMENT 1/31/2001 Democrats are trashing the White House to make way for the incoming Bush administration.

HEADLINES - BILL OF WRONGS 2/12/2001 Republican leaders respond to cynicism and questions about the fairness of our democratic process by attempting to impeach ex-president Bill Clinton.

OTHER NEWS - STROM OF THE CENTURY 5/7/2001 While Orrin Hatch accuses Democrats of holding a Strom Thurmond death watch, Strom Thurmond accuses a potted plant of having lips that say 'no' but eyes that say 'yes.'

SHIFT STORM 6/4/2001 Trent Lott demands the Republicans wage war against the Democrats and restore democracy to Washington D.C.

LOTT IN HELL 6/7/2001 The balance of power in Washington has made Daschle the majority leader, and the government's most powerful Democrat since Dianne Feinstein stopped daily nandrolone dopings.

The Daily Show Does The Democrats

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