Jan 3, 2019

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 47 (2018)

THE WHITE HOUSE BLACKLISTS JIM ACOSTA & DOCTORS WARN AGAINST SPANKING 11/8/2018 President Trump bans CNN's Jim Acosta from the White House, Ruth Bader Ginsburg injures herself in a fall, and doctors call for a ban on spanking children.

ANA NAVARRO - TRUMP'S EFFECT ON THE GOP & FLORIDA'S HEATED GUBERNATORIAL RACE - EXTENDED INTERVIEW 10/31/2018 CNN political commentator Ana Navarro discusses how President Trump's divisive rhetoric and policies are redefining the GOP and weighs in on Florida's 2018 race for governor.

FLORIDA'S TRUMP-LOVING MAIL BOMBER 10/29/2018 A failed stripper and rabid Trump supporter in Florida sends several pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and the offices of CNN.

DRAKE'S VIRAL DANCE CHALLENGE LEADS TO DISASTER & MELANIA TRUMP GETS CAUGHT WATCHING CNN 7/25/2018 Drake's viral dance challenge gets dangerous, Serena Williams claims to be the target of discriminatory drug testing, and Melania Trump enrages her husband by watching CNN.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR - AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT PASSION AND INTIMACY ON "SEX & LOVE AROUND THE WORLD" 3/15/2018 Christiane Amanpour chats about her CNN series "Sex & Love Around the World," which sheds light on how women across the globe are exploring and embracing their sexuality.

BAKARI SELLERS - TRUMP WOULD RATHER QUIT THAN LOSE CNN's Bakari Sellers predicts that Trump will bow out of the 2020 election and explains why a "blue wave" is only possible if Democrats can establish a clear plan for America.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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