Jan 2, 2019

More Proof That Fox News Is The REAL President

Background: BREAKING: Fox News Is The Real President

Fox News has taken over the white house. What was formerly just an organization designed to kiss their leaders asses and help them with thier propaganda, now it has been set loose and is experiencing White House power for the first time as a dumb terrorist propaganda outlet gone wild. Its an amazing sight!

Here is Trump learning from Fox;

30 times Trump directly echoed Fox & Friends in 2018
Anyone who pays attention to President Donald Trump’s Twitter account knows that he is an enthusiastic fan of Fox & Friends and watches it as part of his morning routine. As Media Matters’ Matt Gertz has documented, the Trump-Fox feedback loop is even more extreme than you think.
There are numerous examples of the president tweeting about what he hears on Fox & Friends. Here are 30 instances from 2018 alone.

Here is Fox knowing that Trump follows them and their propaganda literally and giving him advice directly (probably in a bribed manner);

Fox News spent 2018 giving advice directly to Donald Trump
Throughout 2018, right-wing personalities on Fox News and Fox Business regularly gave advice directly to President Donald Trump. Fox hosts and guests looked into the camera and advised the president when not to speak out on certain stories, when to take credit, which investigations not to worry about, what to believe about immigration, and especially why he should not speak with special counsel Robert Mueller. As The Washington Post’s Philip Bump noted earlier this year, Trump doesn’t necessarily take all the advice of his Fox sycophants. But Fox figures are clearly confident that they have the ear of the president.

Fox puts white supremacist ideas and arguments on its channels and news outlets all the time (Fox can be effectively called a white supremacist channel in its own right now)!

Fox News op-ed uncritically cited white supremacist piece claiming Democrats subject “whites to outright racial plunder” Fox News changed the citation after our inquiry
A FoxNews.com op-ed attacking former Attorney General Eric Holder uncritically relied on, and linked to, a piece by white supremacist Jared Taylor that accused Democrats of subjecting “whites to outright racial plunder.” Fox News changed the link after Media Matters contacted the network.

Fox kisses ass and humiliates the President to get him to do stuff (a sort of positive-negative combination to push Trump in the direction they - or their donors - want him to go).

Fox & Friends host on Trump backing down on border wall: "I don't understand how he survives this personally for his own legacy" Guest co-host Jedediah Bila: "This is his signature issue"


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