Nov 6, 2018

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 70 (2018)

UPROAR OVER TRUMP'S MIGRANT SEPARATION POLICY REACHES A FEVERED PITCH - UNCENSORED 6/19/2018 Republican lawmakers join the chorus of outrage over the Trump administration's policy of separating migrant families, but Fox News pundits continue to cheer the president on.

FOX NEWS GETS REAL WITH A NEW SLOGAN Fox News ditched its "Fair & Balanced" tagline for something more subtle, inspiring Jordan to create a slogan that separates him from other late-night hosts.

TRUMP MAKES GEOPOLITICS FUN AGAIN Fox News host Laura Ingraham praises President Trump for bringing the "fun" back to geopolitical affairs, and Jordan imagines the comedy stylings of Kim Jong-un.

TRUMP CELEBRATES MELANIA'S BIRTHDAY BY RANTING ON "FOX & FRIENDS" 4/26/2018 President Trump calls into "Fox & Friends" and treats the hosts to an epic, incoherent rant about everything from Melania's birthday to his war against the "fake news" media.

ASSUME THE OPPOSITE - WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson warns Americans to assume the opposite of what the MSM reports, leaving Jordan to question his trust in Fox News.

Fox News

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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