Nov 5, 2018

BREAKING: Fox News Is The Real President

1. Using Lies & Out Of Context Quotes Fox News Tries To Paint The Left As A Mob
4. Fox News Has Literally Been Created For Obstruction Of Justice (i.e. Choosing Party Over Country Is What They Are All About)

A long time ago The Daily Show noticed that Trump was basically following Fox News talking points. This post proves that Fox News is indeed making political and policy decisions for the country through Trump. 

IS FOX NEWS THE REAL PRESIDENT? 3/20/2017 Trevor examines President Trump's relationship with Fox News, from granting exclusive network interviews to pushing pundit Andrew Napolitano's conspiracies about Barack Obama.

Daily Show nailed it ages ago;

The Following Media Analysis and Excerpts by Media Matters Proves That Fox News Is Making Decisions For The Presidency And Is Thus Our Real President;

The Fox News president: Trump confirms he's just repeating what he hears on TV Trump spends his latest interview with Fox & Friends echoing the network's talking points
President Donald Trump’s interview this morning on Fox News throws into sharp contrast the manner in which he is absorbing and regurgitating the arguments of his sycophantic defenders at the network. In this feedback loop, Trump gets faulty information from Fox and then repeats it on its airwaves, reinforcing the loyalty of his core supporters and pushing the network’s misinformation out into the broader media.
On Tuesday, Michael Cohen, who served as Trump’s personal lawyer for years, pleaded guilty in federal court to eight counts of tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations. Notably, Cohen implicated the president in unlawful corporate and campaign donations made during the 2016 presidential campaign in order to keep two women who said they had affairs with Trump from speaking out publicly. The same day, a jury convicted former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort on eight counts of tax and bank fraud.
Trump made his first extensive comments about his associates-turned-felons in an interview with Fox & Friendshost Ainsley Earhardt that was taped Wednesday and aired Thursday. Trump regularly watches the program, praises its hosts for providing positive coverage of his administration, and rewards them with exclusive interviews in which they offer up softball questions. Using a technique of offering very general queries and few follow-ups, Earhardt provided a platform for the president to say whatever was on his mind. And as usual, what was on his mind was what he had recently seen on Fox News.

Asked whether he had directed Cohen to negotiate “the payments,” a reference to hush money paid to former Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult film actress Stormy Daniels, the president denied it, adding that Cohen had “pled to two counts that aren't a crime, which nobody understands.” He continued, “I watched a number of shows -- sometimes you get some pretty good information by watching shows -- those two counts aren't even a crime. They weren't campaign finance.” A couple minutes later he returned to the point, saying that federal prosecutors “put the two counts of campaign violations in there, but a lot of lawyers on television and also lawyers that I have seen [say] that they are not even crimes.”
The president didn’t get “pretty good information from watching shows”; his argument is false and nonsensical. But it is one that pro-Trump lawyers had been making on Fox in the day between Cohen’s plea and Trump’s interview.
Mark Levin, who hosts Fox News and radio shows and served in the Justice Department during the Reagan administration, argued on Tuesday’s night’s Hannity that Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, “had his client pleaded two counts of criminality that don't exist,” claiming that all the payments in question had been legal but that Davis “had his client plead guilty to two offenses that aren't offenses that the prosecutor insisted were offenses.”
The next morning, Gregg Jarrett, a Fox legal analyst notorious for concocting absurd legal theories in which the president and his associates did nothing wrong, similarly claimed that “this is not an illegal campaign contribution.” (Trump was apparently watching that edition of Fox & Friends and subsequently tweeted that Cohen “plead (sic) guilty to two counts of campaign finance violations that are not a crime.”)
Trump also referenced an argument from Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer who regularly defends the president on television, saying of Cohen, “You get 10 years in jail, but if you say bad things about somebody, in other words, make up stories if you don't know, make up stories, they just make up lies. Alan Dershowitz said ‘compose,’ right? They make up lies, I’ve seen it many times.” Trump was referring to Dershowitz’s claim on Monday’s Hannity that the special counsel is “not interested in Manafort's alleged crimes. They are only interested in squeezing him in order to get him to flip and to either sing or compose.” Sean Hannity, a close presidential adviser whose Fox show Trump regularly watches and who has also employed Cohen as a lawyer, has made a similar argument, saying Monday that he believes Cohen “changed his story” and implicated the president because he was “forced by prosecutors.” 
These were the only times during the interview where Trump directly cited the people he’s seen defending him on television, but several of his other claims also seem to have been ripped directly from Fox segments:
  • Trump downplayed the incidents by saying that President Barack Obama “had a massive campaign violation” but “he settled his very easily.” Both Jarrett and Hannity had made similar arguments in recent days; in fact, these cases aren’t remotely comparable.
  • Trump said that “almost everyone that runs for office has campaign violations,” echoing Dershowitz’s statement on Tuesday’s edition of Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight that “every candidate violates the election laws when they run for president.”
  • Trump claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller is “so conflicted” because former FBI Director James Comey is “his best friend.” Trump allies like Hannity frequently highlight this purported conflict, even using it to call for Mueller’s removal. Comey and Mueller reportedly aren’t actually close.
  • Asked whether he is considering pardoning Manafort, Trump turned the discussion to “the crimes that [Hillary] Clinton did, with the emails and she deletes 33,000 emails after she gets a subpoena from Congress, and this Justice Department does nothing about it?” The president’s media allies regularly claim that Clinton’s case is evidence of a double standard and that she should be tried and imprisoned
  • Trump highlighted “horrible texts” between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, arguing they constituted “subversion” and complaining that “our Justice Department doesn’t do anything about it.” Strzok and Page were hounded out of government thanks in part to conspiracy theories promoted by Fox.
With the help of a sympathetic interviewer, Trump is able to take these Fox talking points, and, by repeating them on the network, push them into the mainstream, as journalists from other outlets try to grapple with the nonsensical or outright false claims. It’s another way in which the president’s Fox fixation has real implications for the rest of the media, and for the country.
This should seem completely absurd; instead, it’s a regular Thursday in Trump’s America.

You remember how everyone was so socked by Trump's response to Charlottesville? Trump was simply following Fox News talking points;

Trump defends neo-Nazis, as seen previously On Fox News
What Trump said at his recent press conference, regarding neo-Nazis and Charlottesville, came directly from Fox News.

A channel claiming to be a news channel and doing the sort of low level - obvious - Nazi style propaganda couldn't exist in an environment where the media was doing its job and exposing liars and traitors as per their supposed social role of being "the forth estate" that is supposed to help democracy. All the media has done is help the right destroy democracy and not much else.

Report: Donald Trump relies on Fox News programming to set the White House agenda
Politico is reporting that White House chief of staff John Kelly’s relationship with President Donald Trump is withering and that as they “have proven increasingly incompatible,” Fox News shows and personalities seem to be filling the void in the White House.
Media Matters has documented the Trump-Fox News feedback loop since the early days of the Trump administration, but as Trump continues to bring on former Fox News employees for White House positions, Fox’s influence over the administration is becoming more stark. Less than one month ago, Trump hireddisgraced former Fox News executive Bill Shine as White House communications director (a move Trump sycophant and “unofficial chief of staff” Sean Hannity staunchly endorsed). And now Politico reports that Kelly, who was ostensibly hired to “impose order on a chaotic” White House, has been unable to prevent the president from soliciting advice from a “coterie of outside advisers, including Fox News host Sean Hannity.” Trump is even reportedly setting his daily agenda by simply tuning into his favorite showFox & Friends, as a former White House official told Politico that Trump “comes down for the day, and whatever he saw on 'Fox and Friends,' he schedules meetings based on that.”
Read more.

Video: Why you should worry about the Trump / Fox News feedback loop
President Donald Trump spends hours of his days tweeting at the television. The president is pulling much of his information directly from Fox News, specifically from his favorite show Fox & Friends. When the man with unparalleled access to the most advanced intelligence operation in the world prefers to get his information from people who once tried to roast marshmallows first with their hands and then with a plastic spoon, we're all in serious trouble. Watch:

Fox News has been openly telling Trump what to do for years (so much the media occasionally comments on it). Even Trump's strategy for dealing with the rises and falls of the stock market (i.e. claim credit for rises and blame others for its falls) is a strategy from Fox News, but the media doesn't even mention where Trump gets his strategies from, acting completely incompetent as a news source.

VOX: Trump took credit when the stock market was doing well. Now he’s looking for someone to blame. The stock market’s recent turmoil, explained.
Back in February, the Dow saw its two biggest one-day point losses ever in the span of a week, in part because investors were starting to get nervous about interest rates rising if wages were going up. Trump tweeted that it was a “big mistake” for the markets to go down.

In the “old days,” when good news was reported, the Stock Market would go up. Today, when good news is reported, the Stock Market goes down. Big mistake, and we have so much good (great) news about the economy!

“We all know that the president likes to take credit for things and likes to offload blame onto others, and I think that’s what’s being exhibited now,” Stovall said. “When the market is going up, it’s a result of his policies, and when the market is going down, it’s the Fed or something else.”
On Tuesday, Trump also tweeted a comment from a market analyst at Wells Fargo saying that the S&P 500 could reach 2,800 to 2,900 — if the Fed lays off.

“If the Fed backs off and starts talking a little more Dovish, I think we’re going to be right back to our 2,800 to 2,900 target range that we’ve had for the S&P 500.” Scott Wren, Wells Fargo.

Where Trump got this strategy from (the part left out of all media reporting);

Fox host says that Trump should take credit for the good of the stock market, but not the bad - Varney’s praise of the "Trump stock market rally" conveniently ignores steady growth of the Dow under Obama
Fox Business host Stuart Varney said that President Donald Trump “was right to tout" stock market growth that has taken place since his inauguration as one of his achievements, claiming that "it was his policies which created" the rally. However, Varney dismissed the February 5 Dow Jones 1,175 point drop as an overdue market “correct[ion],” saying that "presidents shouldn't stick into that kind of sell-off on a day-to-day basis" and advising Trump to "steer clear of that, please." Varney’s comments continue a pattern of showering Trump with praise for a strong economy and stock market or defending his economic policies, while ignoring the six-plus years of steady economic growth under the previous president, Barack Obama, whose economic policies Varney frequently criticized.

Varney’s exhortations of “the Trump stock market rally” are misleading, as they fail to acknowledge that the growth continues the more than six years of steady stock market growth under Obama. From March 6, 2009, to November 7, 2016, the Dow Jones climbed about 11,632 points -- almost a 157 percent increase.
Even though Obama’s economic record directly contributed to the so-called “Trump rally” Varney praises, Varney frequently and bizarrely attacked Obama on the economy. True to what he himself has called his “very clearly partisan” nature, Varney even credited President George W. Bush for “fix[ing] the financial panic” when the 2007 Great Recession started and said “the economy fell off” on “Obama’s watch.” Varney also claimed that GDP figures in April 2017 meant a “bounce back” was on the horizon, but  that similar numbers in April 2016 meant we were “sliding toward recession.” 
From the February 6 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

Conclusions: Fox News has been openly lying for years. Openly demonizing Republican political adversaries (the Democrats) for years. While doing this Fox News has been the number 1 "News" channel in America for 18 years...

Adweek: 2013 Ratings: Fox News, #1 For 12 Straight Years, Sheds Viewers Too

Variety:Fox News Dominates Cable News Ratings in 2014; MSNBC Tumbles

Variety:Cable News Ratings: CNN on the Rise in 2015; Fox News Channel Remains Dominant

The Hill: Fox News to end 2016 as most-watched network in all of cable

Adweek: The Top Cable News Programs of 2017 Are…
When ranking cable news programming by total viewers, and by adults 25-54, Fox News tops the year-end charts once again.

The Hill - October 2018: Fox News tops CNN and MSNBC combined in October cable news ratings

Clearly, pretending to expose "evil" gets high ratingsHow high would the ratings be if media was exposing ACTUAL evil? How does a channel lie to the nation - unchallenged by "fact based" media, supposedly of the "fourth estate" - for 18 years? If England was lying to Americans media would report it. If a channel in America - with more viewers than any other "news" channel  in America - is lying everyday and the media is not reporting it or calling them out then what the hell is going on? Clearly we no longer have a media that is reporting essential facts. Whatever is going on, after all these years as number 1 "news" channel, Fox News made it to the Presidency.

Every-night, for months, Fox News has been attacking media and Trumps political opponents as America's number 1 news channel with no opposition. If a Nazi style propaganda arm had become America's number 1 "news" channel that would be big news in the universe I used to live in. A universe where. in America, people inciting terrorist with incendiary rhetoric would be called out as the traitors they are. Not covering this up with their silence, or actively helping them push their lies on Sunday Shows (or the Iraq War and its no consequence aftermath, etc.). The examples are endless. This post exposes the biggest secret media is not talking about. Fox News is president. They tell what Trump to do and bully the press and get away with it regularly and have been for 18 years. 

Fox News

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"


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