Oct 3, 2018

Trump Is Not Even A "Self-Made" Billionaire Using A MILLION Dollar Loan! He Has Literally Been Created, In Every Way, By His Father And His Spoilt Rich Kid Lifestyle!

BREAKING - New York Times: Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

If nothing else, Trump has proven that as a rich person, you need no skill to be a success. Just
loans" from your dad (Trump couldn't even make it in business with a MILLION dollars! i.e. he's TOTALLY incompetent!)
. Trump has also proven that one can become President without any real life skill (such s business or social acumen, of which Trump has neither) or even understanding of how American politics works. His key ingredient to success here is also money. To make it seem like he has skills, all Trump did was lie about it all his life (so being rich means you can lie without any social accountability). As a sociological phenomenon, notice that people on the right are easily bought and are natural liars. Its almost  as if there is a beacon on the Republican party saying "all dishonest and immoral people can find a political career with us", so that is where our smartest (& dumbest) criminals go.

Donald Trump's 'Self-Made' Claims Are Bogus - The Late Show with Stephen ColbertPublished on 3 Oct 2018 - The President's claim that he's a self-made billionaire has always been suspicious, and a report in the New York Times now confirms that Trump is more 'silver spoon' than 'up from the bootstraps.'

Fraud Of Donald Trump's Self-Made Persona Exposed In Father's Financials | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - Rachel Maddow shares highlights from extensive New York Times reporting showing that contrary to Donald Trump's efforts to portray himself as the product of his own work, much of his money is the result of his father feeding money to him.

NYT Report Refutes Donald Trump's Repeated Claim He's A Self-Made Man | The 11th Hour | MSNBC - Trump has sold the image for years that he built his own fortune. But a massive & exhaustive NYT report found Trump & his family used suspicious tax schemes to get rich off his father's wealth. Reporters Russ Buettner & David Fahrenthold react.

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