Oct 4, 2018

Why Trump Won In 2016 And Why He Will Lose In 2018 (&, Most Likely, In 2020 As Well)

If there is anything I would add to my previous posts on this topic, which is How The FBI & Media Won Trump The Elections, it would be that there was Russian influence on right wing media (who have been functioning as a unit, in some ways, for some time) AND there was targeted fake news advertising that the FBI's investigation into Hillary's emails announcement could only help as it encourages 9/11 conspiracy fantasies with an Illuminati twist to it also called "The Deep State"(i.e. Hillary being wife to the ex-President who did nothing to stop Bush before or after 9/11... "did the FBI suddenly get balls?", Would be the question in their minds).

Besides the conspiracy theories, conspiracy facts, distrust from fake news in both social media and - more importantly - right wing media, there were the specific lies Trump told the nation which gave a large number of people hope that amidst this FBI investigation of Hillary there would be continuity of national policy on issues that affected them, the most important, based on demographics, being;

Donald Trump’s Budget Breaks These 2 Essential  Campaign Promises

Broken Promise #1: Trump vowed not to cut Medicaid
Trump’s budget would cut Medicaid by a lot, despite the president telling the Daily Signal days before launching his White House bid, “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.”
The administration proposes reducing spending on Medicaid programs by more than $600 billion over the next decade, a massive cut that appears to go on top of $839 billion in Medicaid cuts included in the House health care bill Trump is supporting.
Mulvaney insists that the proposed reduction in spending isn't a cut — it's simply growing less than the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office expects the needs of the program to be.
"There are no Medicaid cuts in terms of what normal human beings would call cuts, we are not spending less money than we did the year before," Mulvaney said.
Trump's budget proposes slashing the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a $31.4 billion change to the program that pays monthly benefits to over 10 million disabled individuals under the retirement age.
Mulvaney argued that SSDI isn't “what most people would consider to be Social Security” and said he would "hope" less people receive the program once they remove individuals who "should not" be getting it. It's unclear how the administration determined there is that much fraud in the system.

He has done this again and again in his tax bills with GOP help following Thanos Economics inspired by the Koch Brothers but endorsed from all Republican politicians irrespective of national popularity of those dictator like decisions... as Samantha Bee points out in Minority Rule;

Minority Rule | September 12, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS
In 2010, Republicans picked up their art supplies to redraw maps that have allowed them to win elections despite being in the minority. How can we keep them from getting crafty again in the future?

In other words, for attaining political/policy goals of bankrupting the country slowly while shifting all resources to the rich (a plan begun, with hesitance, under Reagan and continued ever since), Trump and the GOP have sacrificed that crucial segment of the population that gave them that win in 2016. Those extra voters for the GOP brought out by fears of the FBI investigation and hope for a continuity of national civil life were not just sorely disappointed, Trump actually went out of his way to show he only cared about his 45% base (!) thus cutting them off from voting for him for good. Trump can't even lie about keeping medicare and social security the second time because it won't work. He has already shown he lied the last time nd is thus untrustworthy. Before Trump had no political record. Now he does. .For Example;

Trump voter lost her home, blames Trump's pick for Treasury Secretary Teena Colebrook tells Chris Hayes that she feels betrayed by Trump and makes an impassioned plea for the President-elect to keep his campaign promises.

My guess is that the GOP is getting exactly what it wants, i.e. it pushes the policies for its donors and caters to the President irrespective of the Constitution/Rule-Of-Law (as is their tradition) and if trying to subvert the Constitution for the President doesn't work the GOP politicians will get jobs bribing/lobbying so its a win-win for them. The only one who could potentially (and likely) lose here is Trump. Trump wants to win the elections but he's not doing it right and the GOP knows this (is there a deeper con going on here between the GOP and Trump? Likely). So the GOP is pushing its agenda at the cost of votes since that is what they are getting paid to do (to hell with the people)... which works well for Trump as well as he's an idiot (he probably thought Obama was really a dictator, as Fox News said, so he thinks he is too... and this assumes rights he doesn't have and the GOP helps knowing only Trump can get in trouble, as is tradition in America).

Note: The right seems to have been helping Trump in many ways...

Did Russia funnel money through NRA to help elect Trump? It sounds like something out of a liberal conspiracy theory: Vladimir Putin takes advantage of dark money loopholes under the infamous Citizens United ruling to move huge amounts of money through the National Rifle Association...which uses that money to help elect Donald Trump President of the United States.

Donald Trump

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