Mar 13, 2018

With The Release Of UFO/UAP Videos By The Pentagon... Can We Now Confirm That The UFOs Sighted At The Dome Of The Rock In Israel Are Real?

Background: See All Three Of The Official UFO/UAP Videos Released By The Department Of Defense (Pentagon) Thus Far...

Here is an interview conducted of one of the pilots in 2017 by the Stars Academy that further confirms technological feats beyond what we an explain (including supersonic speed). What I want to point out that using a couple of his descriptions about UFOs, one about its flight behaviour and the second about its looks, I may have just autheticated a couple of UFO sightings online over The Dome Of the Rock in Israel! Take a look and comment below;

Strike Fighter Commander Details Incredible UFO Event

Read the full report here.

1. At 5:56 the pilot is telling us how he was told by a controller. "we've been tracking these things, they've been dropping from 80,000 feet. they come straight down. they hang out at about 20,000 feet... they'll just sit there.. and then when they're done they go straight back up and they disapear."

Were these craft were playing with the pilot and have they been playing with the military (to attract attention?) for some time. Its possible that lack of success in setting up contact the first gazillion times (?) is what led to this. Notice its the same tactic as above but done for a civilian population, specifically, over the Dome of The Rock (a religious/holy site) where it drops from way above, hovers and then shoots up dramatically after letting everyone know that's what its about to do (or so it seems)...

UFO - Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011

Same incident but caught on camera from below the object;

Dome of the Rock UFO Jerusalem - New close up footage

All four Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, "UFO" videos

Apparently these videos were "debunked" in 2011, 7 years before the videos came out prove UFOs exist and before we had testimony from the pilot (above) that dropping down and shooting straight up is one of thier behavior patters. Clearly the "debunking" was never a debunking to begin with (or someone carried out an immense hoax using classified information!)!

2. At 3:10 in the interview of the pilot he mentions that the UFO he saw looked like a white tic tac and so they call it the tic tac. Notice that and then watch the following video of the Dome of the Rock in daylight from 2012;

Didn't that look like a white tic tac?

What about this one? 

A daylight sighting at the Dome of the rock?

Is this a white tic tac emitting smoke to be noticed and then the flash of ight followed by the "stright up" flight pattern? 

A little study on this

Israel Jerusalem: UFO over Dome of the Rock

More UFOs...

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