Mar 20, 2018

FLASHBACK: The Tea Party Wasn't Authentic Because Outside Groups (Fox News & The Kochs) Created, Organized And Spread It

1. Outlining The Kochs Treasonous Agenda: Proofs That The Koch Brothers OWN The Right Wing & Thus The GOP Could Be Renamed "KOCH"
2. Fox News - And Right Wing Media - Is Nothing More Than A Conspiracy & Nazi-Style Propaganda Ring
3. Conservatives ARE The Zombie Apocalypse... Illustrated


Time: The Secret Origins Of The Tea Party: How Big Oil And Big Tobacco Partnered With The Koch Brothers To Take Over The GOP

The Guardian: Tea Party movement: Billionaire Koch brothers who helped it grow Industrialists who own private company with annual revenues of £62bn have channelled millions of dollars to rightwing causes

Thinkprogress: "The Koch Brothers are worth $50 billion. They’ve bankrolled the Tea Party, the campaign against climate change science, and entire university departments to advance their right-wing agenda. The newest item on their shopping list: their own Center for American Progress."

Media Matters: The Koch Brothers Are Using Fox News Employees As Campaigners

Basically, Fox News created the Tea Party with Koch backing/funding and then acted like it sprang up on it's own and then they trained them to act nicer than they really were (probably to hide thier Nazi style origins). Here is a historical flashback using the Daily Show, Colbert Report and the Family Guy...

TEMPEST IN A TEA PARTY - NATIONWIDE TAX PROTESTS With the advent of tea party protests, Fox News becomes the new proud voice of the people's revolution.


It was a great success according to the events organizers...

TAX ATAX Glenn Beck holds his tea party in the only location that makes sense: the Alamo.

About a minute in Newt Gingrich says that the tea party 'kinda sprang up on its own' (i.e. obvious lie). Then Stephen Colbert proves that the Tea Party was founded by anchors of Fox News and activism ideas even came from the GOP party chairmen. About 3 minutes into the video Stephen says a bunch of nonsense, mixing various eras from history together with fiction, this is making fun of Glenn Becks theories which tend to be historically and factually inaccurate.

The Tea Party organizers...

CLASH OF THE TEATANS Tea Partiers have to get away from the Republicans if they want their Hitler-Obama signs taken seriously.

Tea Party supporters called for bombings...

GUY-FAWKERS Michele Bachmann one-ups the tea party protests by holding a health care reform rally on Guy Fawkes Day.


The logic behind "regulations" as explained by the Family Guy...

Mediate: Family Guy Does Entire Episode On The Tea Party, Depicts Them As Violent Fools
The episode, entitled “Tea Peter,” featured the show’s main character joining the local Tea Party after the government shuts down the unlicensed mall he was running out of his house after affixing a “Come in, we’re open” sign to his front door. It, uh, made a little more sense in context. Peter is warned by the show’s voice of reason, Brian the dog, that the Tea Party is merely a ruse run by rich businessmen who want to use populist anger to rid the country of regulations. Sure enough, when Peter gets there, his rich father-in-law is running the entire thing by wearing a mullet wig and pretending to be a guy named “Joe Workingman.” The Tea Party ends up demolishing the government, anarchy rules in the streets, and Peter learns the valuable lesson that rich people aren’t actually looking out for any of us.

Family Guy Tea Party description

Family Guy - Irony Tea Party


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