Mar 20, 2018

Laura Ingraham Attacks Kids Protesting Gun Laws With Dumb And Bullshit Excuses!

Background: Right Wing Conspiracy Machine Attacks Students From Parkland School Fighting For Non-Stupid Gun Laws

Laura Ingraham went after a kids grammar on a serious issue proving shes, what's the word, o yeah!, a crazy dumb bitch...

Adult-splaining NRA insult grammar to David Hogg - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham's concern for the offensive grammatical errors in activist David Hogg's anti-gun video prompts Jordan to give teens a grammar lesson.

Screenshots: Laura Ingraham mocks the students for his grammer...

She made the same grammatical error in the same tweet (can anyone say dumb evil blonde?)...

Apparently Laura Ingraham Is A Grammer Nazi!
(Her buddies and comfort givers , such as Tucker and Hannity are Nazis and so is her network, so it makes sense that she would be a Nazi on even small things)

Why? The right wing has been attacking the kids protesting for better, more sensible gun laws. All the while the NRA has set up an alternate reality where they are the victims from liberals and socialists (who are apparently the students). First,

CNN: NRA bashes liberals while victims plead for change in America's split-screen moment
On one side is the National Rifle Association, which came out swinging Wednesday with an inflammatory speech by its chief, Wayne LaPierre, who branded those who want tighter gun laws as freedom-hating "European-style" socialists and tragedy opportunists. On the other are the students from the Florida high school who hid in closets as carnage was unleashed, and whose campaign, so far uncorrupted by tortured partisanship, is a powerful new force in American politics.

Now notice that Laura Ingraham makes a big deal about people helping kids organize a rally to keep from being shot at for preventable reasons while ignoring the whole movement based on fake economics that her network and the Koch Brothers helped create and spread, (i.e. FLASHBACK: The Tea Party Wasn't Authentic Because Outside Groups (Fox News & The Kochs) Created, Organized And Spread It)

Laura Ingraham: "March For Our Lives" rally isn't authentic because outside groups helped the students organize it Ingraham: "Did students really organize all of this in the five weeks since the Florida shooting?"

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The outright hypocrisy of her bullshit is epic!  i.e. FLASHBACK: The Tea Party Wasn't Authentic Because Outside Groups (Fox News & The Kochs) Created, Organized And Spread It

Moment of Zen: Laura Ingraham is the sort that thinks one object/thing makes a whole proof for a ridiculous theory she came up with or she is helping the right promote (or is used as a con to push a lie, which fits her profile more), i.e. she's really dumb but thinks shes smart and making intelligent observations;

The NRA, Right Wing & Guns

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