Feb 19, 2018

Update On The Effort To Narrow The Scope Of The Post-9/11 Authorization For The Use Of Force

Why would Bush & Cheney want a law that can supersedes traditional Constitutional authority for war? Could killing millions in Iraq (directly or indirectly) with false claims for oil profits be a reason? Could it also be to hide something even worse

What this act is...

HASAN THE RECORD - AMERICA'S WAR PROBLEM 6/15/2017 Thanks to the 9/11 era's Authorization for Use of Military Force, the U.S. is currently bombing seven countries.


Here is what's going on around that act...

Repeal of 2001 Authorization of Force makes surprising progress Rachel Maddow reports on an unexpected bit of progress in Rep. Barbara Lee's years-long effort to narrow the scope of the post-9/11 Authorization for the Use of Force with the passage of her amendment in the House Appropriations Committee. Duration: 5:34


Rep Lee sees Authorization of Force repeal take a step forward Congresswoman Barbara Lee talks with Rachel Maddow about her years-long effort to get Congress to reconsider its authorization of the use of force finally seeing some significant bipartisan support with the passage of her amendment in the House Appropriations Committee today. Duration: 3:25

9/11 - A New Series

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