Nov 28, 2017

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 22 (2009)

CNN'S JUST SAYIN' 8/18/2009 CNN delivers the news like a 12-year-old girl in a new segment called, "Just Sayin'."

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR 9/15/2009 Christiane Amanpour is going to make Americans care about the rest of the world with her CNN show "Amanpour."
(This show doesn't play in America, too much reality)

CNN WARNS AGAINST TEXTING WHILE DRIVING 10/1/2009 CNN reminds viewers that texting while driving is dangerous and announces their new iPhone application for real-time traffic reports.

MOMENT OF ZEN - EXPENSIVE WHEELCHAIR 7/20/2009 CNN reports on a wheelchair that costs four times as much to rent as it does to buy.

MOMENT OF ZEN - LATINO STEREOTYPES 10/26/2009 CNN tries to shatter Latino stereotypes with its special "Latino in America."

The Daily Show Does CNN

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