Nov 28, 2017

"Dr" Sebastian Gorka: Hannity's Ally In Pushing Baseless Conspiracy Theories And One Of His Connections To The Nazis

1. Tucker Is A Nazi! (The Evidence Is Pretty Conclusive)
2. Sebastian Gorka: An Introduction To The Hungarian Nazi Who Is Deputy Assistant To The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump
3. Incontrovertible Proof that Sean Hannity Is Just A Two-Bit Factless Conspiracy Theorist: Alex Jones Of Infowars And Sean Hannity Of Fox News Are Really Just Two Peas In A Pod.

Rehash from the past three posts above. Sebastian Gorka was wearing a Nazi medal at a Hannity interview and is a fake doctor as his university is not accredited (& not even in English! Hungarian is the language he got his fake degree in). Hannity is known to engage in baseless conspiracy theories like Alex Jones (in fact Alex Jones complained about it). the link between Hannity & baseless conspiracy theories is actually firmly established.

Title of post proven in three parts...

1. Hannity's connection to Gorka (& Gorka To Fox News)

CNN's Symone Sanders calls for Trump to fire "white supremacist sympathizers" Steve Bannon and Sebastian GorkaSanders: "There are white supremacist sympathizers currently serving in our administration right now, in the people's house"

SYMONE SANDERS: I am happy he used the words "KKK," "white supremacy" today, now I need his words to line up with his actions. We know that there's been a policy change in the Trump administration, where white supremacists have been taken off of a list of groups that are monitored by the counterterrorism program, I think they need to be put back on, I think we can all agree with that right now.
Also, there are white supremacist sympathizers currently serving in our administration right now, in the people's house. And I would call on President Trump to -- Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, they need to go.
JOSHUA GREEN: We'd been in a situation like this during the campaign. Hillary Clinton in August gave a big speech condemning the "alt-right," and Trump for having hired Bannon specifically because of these Breitbart connections, and Trump saw no need then to apologize or modulate or get rid of Steve Bannon, and it didn't cost him in the polls.

Sean Hannity announces on his radio show that Fox News has hired former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka Gorka is a flim-flam artist, has deep ties to the far-right, recently floated executing Hillary Clinton, and even the FBI fired him for “over-the-top Islamophobic rhetoric”

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Joining us now is Dr. Sebastian Gorka. And I can officially announce today he is a Fox News national security strategist. ... One, welcome to the Fox family. You know how much I love having you on the program. You're a true patriot hero and an amazing, amazing political analyst and strategic analyst. Thank you for being with us and we're so happy for your success. 
SEBASTIAN GORKA: It's in large part, really, thanks to you, Sean. You've been a great supporter, not only of myself, but of the administration and the president, and it's great to be back as part of the superb Fox family. Thank you, Sean. 

Related: Why pro-Trump media need to pretend racist flim-flam man Sebastian Gorka resigned If Gorka was fired as an unqualified incompetent, it's Trump's fault he was there in the first place

2. A sampling of Hannity's own chummy behavior with Nazis/White-Supremacists

Hannity turns to white supremacists to help him spite Keurig for pulling ads from his show Associations further prove that Hannity is volatile and bad for business - On November 11, Keurig, a coffee-maker brand, announced it was dropping Fox’s Hannity in response to Hannity’s irresponsible defense of Roy Moore and attacks on victims who come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. After Hannity ginned up outrage that evening, his supporters responded with a #BoycottKeurig campaign, which apparently entails angry fans destroying their Keurig coffee makers, filming the process, and uploading the result to the internet. Hannity gleefully egged on and encouraged the boycott against his former advertiser (which remains a Fox News advertiser) by promising giveaways to the best #BoycottKeurig videos and by retweeting and amplifying his Keurig-smashing supporters, including one that promoted actual white supremacist Angelo John Gage.
As documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Gage is a white nationalist known for “making YouTube videos warning of ‘white genocide’ [and] leading his youthful band of white nationalists on college campuses to protest the Marxist takeover of American higher education.” In 2015, Gage served as the chairman of the “youth wing of the radical-right … American Freedom Party." Gage has also appeared on Radio 3Fourteen, a production of Red Ice TV, a white supremacist and anti-Semitic online media outlet that promotes Holocaust denial. On his own YouTube channel, Gage has passionately defended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, saying, “I don’t care if Hitler was at the rally.”
In his feverish promotion of the Keurig boycott, Hannity also amplified a piece of content from the far-right website The Red Elephants, characterizing it as “so so funny!” The piece was written by Vincent James (also known as Vincent James Foxx), who appeared in a video that features threats of killing left-wing protesters.
The Red Elephants’ Twitter account habitually traffics in white supremacist memes (like the promotion of the message board-originated “it’s OK to be white” campaign that supposedly seeks to expose anti-white racism) and racist tropes like claiming “race and IQ correlate.” @TheRedElephants also engages with known white nationalists like Timothy Gionet -- known online as Baked Alaska -- and dabbles in conspiracy theories, like promoting the false claims that Democratic operatives ran a pedophilia ring under a family restaurant in D.C.
All in all, Hannity might not be making the best case for himself that he’s a commercially stable and reliable person to advertise with.

Hannity's "man on the street" interviews about NFL protests are all with white people One interviewee says protesting NFL players should leave the country (example of racial bias in interviewing revealing psychology, though he might try something else if he reads this)

Sean Hannity guest defends white nationalists: They were merely "making a case for white rights"

DR. CAROL SWAIN: Well, one of the reasons why they are having so much difficulty communicating to people is that they are blurring distinctions among and between Americans, and they're painting everyone with the same broad brush. 
When I wrote the book The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge To Integration, I called it "The New White Nationalism" to distinguish it from old-style white supremacy.
And I would argue that there are four groups of white Americans, the white supremacists, tiny percentage of Americans.
But a much larger group that I would call "new white nationalists" or "alt-right," who are not necessarily espousing any hatred towards other groups, but they are making a case for white rights, white identity, for white people to organize.
And then you have white people who are just trying to make a living. They may have voted for Donald Trump, but they are concerned about America. 
And then the last group are the leftist whites that are trying to overthrow the country.

Related context:

CNN's Oliver Darcy: "You have Sean Hannity giving advice" to Trump and "Matt Drudge in the White House" Darcy: We've never seen anything like the Trump administration's "collusion with conservative media"

The White House is engaged in a coordinated attack on James Comey that Hannity and Trump's lawyer have been pushing for months

White House press secretary praises Sean Hannity's "friendly" interview styleSarah Huckabee Sanders: "I get to come on to your radio show and talk to friendly people like you Sean"

Hannity radio guest host: Heather Heyer was killed by a neo-Nazi, "but she was still marching with antifa" Jonathan Gilliam: "This girl goes out and marches with antifa and gets killed by one of these neo-Nazi people when she got hit by a car, but she was still marching with antifa"

How Sean Hannity's Charlottesville propaganda works

My own outlines of the rights Nazi connections and parallels: 

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

3. Conspiracy theories these two Nazis are working on together...

Fox's Gorka continues Uranium One smear, falsely claims Hillary Clinton was "chairman" of committee that approved deal Multiple fact-checkers have noted that Clinton did not personally approve the deal, and the chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Investment is from Treasury, not State


More links:

On Fox & Friends, Sebastian Gorka claims Uranium One is "probably the biggest" national security scandal in decades

Sean Hannity boasts that he helped launch the Uranium One lie with Peter Schweizer

Sebastian Gorka responds to criticism by calling his own quotes "fake news 101"Gorka: “I was admonishing the journalists of the fake news industrial complex”

Moment Of Zen: A look at how these conspiracy theories work (they are designed to be complicated to confuse people into believing them);

LOUIE GOHMERT'S CONSPIRACY BOARD - IT'S ALL SO CLEAR NOW - Texas Representative Louie Gohmert adopts one of Jordan's tactics by bringing a conspiracy chart to the floor of Congress.

Point: A republican bringing a conspiracy chart to the floor;

The chart highlighted...


The simple connection between Trump and Russia the right wing media tries so desperately to ignore

Making fun of how difficult its become to cover for Trump's lies...

WAS TRUMP'S "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD" TAPE FAKE NEWS? - President Trump reportedly expressed doubt about the authenticity of his infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, leaving Jordan to seek clarity from his trusty gaslight.

Linking the conspiracy satire to Hannity;

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