Nov 27, 2017

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 21 (2009)

CNN - STOP THE PRESS 3/30/2009 CNN's Susan Roesgen makes a difference while covering the floods in Fargo, ND.

MOMENT OF ZEN - MICHAEL SAVAGE ON ISLAM 5/7/2009 CNN wants to know how Michael Savage feels about Islam.

MOMENT OF ZEN - PEABODY FOR CNN 5/19/2009 CNN wins a Peabody Award for its 2008 primary campaign and debate coverage.

"I" ON NEWS 6/8/2009 Fox News insinuates, MSNBC hates Rush Limbaugh, and CNN wants to hang out with America at a slumber party.

CNN FINDS BUBBLES THE CHIMP 7/2/2009 Anderson Cooper uncovers shocking news about Bubbles the Chimp: he likes cucumbers and bananas.

The Daily Show Does CNN

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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