Apr 27, 2017

The Case For Impeaching Trump For Foreign Financial Ties, Nepotism & Making Money Off The Presidency Using A "Trust" In His Name

This post brings together a variety of information sources to outline that the case for impeaching Trump exists (we don't need his financial statements to make the case for impeachment, he can't hide what he owns and who he sells it to if we can find some journalists to do some research!)...

Trump tweet on potential business conflicts New reports suggest Trump could have serious conflicts of interests as president due to his international business connections. Trump has lashed out at those reports on Twitter. Ari Melber discusses the concerns with Paul Butler and David Frum.

Notice in particular these two laws from the Constitution which public officials are sworn to protect (& Trump swore an oath to the Constitution when he took the office of the Presidency)...
Here is proof that the Trump Administration has violated the Constitution - with strong signs that Trump may be up to no good ESPECIALLY given the fact that he is trying to hide his financial information by not revealing his taxes. 

Trump real estate a potential means to pay money to a president Rachel Maddow highlights the investigative journalism done by USA Today in tracking down every property owned by Donald Trump's companies, the sales of which pose a potential conflict because the profits would go to Trump as president of the United States.


In other words, despite swearing an oath to the Constitution Trump is breaking that oath because he is not required to obey these CONSTITUTIONAL laws by any law on the books (because no President thinks of violating the Constitution so openly).

THE INAUGURATION OF DONALD TRUMP JANUARY 20, 2017 At Donald Trump's inauguration, the new president paints a bleak picture of America, and Michelle Obama's face betrays her feelings about the incoming first family. (8:39)

I would like to point that Trump swore an oath to protect the Constitution and already he seems to be renegading on that promise. 

Newsweek: Donald Trump's International Financial Ties Could Put Him In Direct Conflict With US National Security Interests 

CNNNewsweek probes Trump's foreign business deals - Newsweek magazine's Kurt Eichenwald explains how Republican nominee Donald Trump has cash tied to Turkey, Russia and India.

Newsweek: If Donald Trump is elected president, will he and his family permanently sever all connections to the Trump Organization, a sprawling business empire that has spread a secretive financial web across the world? Or will Trump instead choose to be the most conflicted president in American history, one whose business interests will constantly jeopardize the security of the United States?Throughout this campaign, the Trump Organization, which pumps potentially hundreds of millions of dollars into the Trump family’s bank accounts each year, has been largely ignored. As a private enterprise, its businesses, partners and investors are hidden from public view, even though they are the very people who could be enriched by—or will further enrich—Trump and his family if he wins the presidency.

New Trump hire resurrects corruption questions Rachel Maddow revisits the questions that surrounded a Donald Trump Foundation donation to the campaign of Florida A.G. Pam Bondi coinciding with her decision not to join a lawsuit against Trump University, now that a top lawyer for Bondi, Carlos Muniz, has joined the Trump administration.

Jared Kushner courts scandal with sketchy business backers Rachel Maddow shares new reporting from the New York Times that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner's secret financial backers are a family with businesses under investigation for corruption.

Note: Simply having this connection compromises Jared Kushner on the Israel-Palestine issue as business may (& probably would if there is no oversight) force Jared Kushner to make emotional decisions unrelated to the real issues at hand. (i.e. a National Security risk)

Dick Cheney DID violate the Constitution but did so quietly and hidden making it slightly harder to get him (media was an external factor that got him off)...

Maddow: No easy answers to resolving Trump's conflicts of interest Rachel Maddow looks at the Donald Trump's business interests like those highlighted in Kurt Eichenwald's Newsweek piece and notes that a blind trust would not resolve conflicts for a "President Trump" and neither would handing the company to his kids. 


Dick Cheney makes alot of money from Halliburton who got no-bid Government Contracts for Iraqi Oil totaling over 39 Billion (i.e. the contracts were given to them without competition for rates thus we have no idea if they overcharged us by billions). The reason Dick Cheney is not in trouble for this... actually, I can't answer that question since Cheney's crimes are just too numerous for one thing not to add to the others. But in theory, Cheney is not in trouble for this because these payments are "deferred income from when he was in Halliburton". To say that Cheney had an agreement beforehand with Halliburton for Iraqi Oil would be a conspiracy despite the evidence we have of oil war being planned for Iraq before 9/11 because our documents don't go that far (or maybe they do):

Rachel Maddow Exposes The Bush Administration's Reason For The Iraq War: Oil (recently released documents suggests more impropriety by Cheney than we could prove before)

In any case, Donald Trumps link to his business isn't hidden like Cheney's link to Halliburton. It's all out in the open AND his kids are family (nepotism), so the case is ready and out in the open;

Without a COMPLETE termination of any links between Trump and his organization he can't be trusted to make foreign policy decision without the thought of making profit or harming a country to harm a company's profit there for revenge reasons. Thus the conflict of interest problem is a very big one.

A look at the case for impeachment with Robert Reich;

Robert Reich: We Already Have Four Good Reasons to Impeach Trump (and a Fifth May Be on the Way)

The real question now is whether there's a political will to take action....

The following videos are meant to illustrate the answers to those questions with links below to add more context and a pattern of behavior to the whole picture.

1. Trump's family takes over the White House with unelected and unconfirmable (through the Senate) positions making the United States Government look alot like the British Monarchy...

A. The Daily Show: Is Jared Kushner the Real President? - Real estate executive and son-in-law to President Trump Jared Kushner gets tasked with defeating ISIS, brokering peace in the Middle East and reforming the justice system.

Trump's son in law handling Foreign Policy with no qualifications of any sort - political or in life experience - literally a complete newb at everything in life is out there doing "foreign policy". Just that thought scares me.

B. SO MUCH NEWS, SO LITTLE TIME - NEPOTISM, IMPEACHMENT & THE FREEDOM CAUCUS 3/30/17 First Daughter Ivanka Trump gets a White House job, recently impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye is arrested, and Donald Trump fights with his fellow Republicans.

Ivanka, anther family member, gets an "unpaid" position of power (like a Monarch would give to his family) ... no financial statements of her businesses are released so we have no idea how "unpaid" this position is: 

On top of that, Trump's businesses is still owned by Trumps son who has the name "Trump" in his name making any money he makes directly linked to the Presidency EVEN if Trump CLAIMS he is not making decisions here (my point is it doesn't matter since the business belongs to the Trump family and they haven't disowned each other)

The son is running the business... so Trump's family is making money off the Presidency quite directly.

C: The Daily Show: The Trump Family's White House Hustle Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump fight accusations that they're using the office of the president to push their business ventures.

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