Apr 21, 2017

Alex Jones Is A Traitor! Traitor Jones Pursues the SCAPEGOATS For 9/11 (The Muslims) & Not The Actual 9/11 Criminals. Scumbag Traitor!

1. Alex Jones Started The "Pizzagate" Thing & Then Tried to Cover It Up Like A Neo-Con!
2. Bush-Cheney (The 9/11 Team) To Scalia & The Kochs. The Connections, From Politics To Money, Can't Be Clearer... What's Alex Jones Up to? Why Is He Always Helping The GOP?
3. The Simplest Explanation: Alex Jones Is A Paranoid Schizophrenic
4. Alex Jones Is Focusing On Everything EXCEPT What's Important, i.e. 9/11 
5. Has Sebastian Gorka Been IMPORTED By Fox News & The Koch Brothers To Attack The Constitution? (i.e. An Imported Traitor?)
6. 2850 PROFESSIONAL Architects & Engineers AGREE That The THREE Buildings That Fell On 9/11 Could Only Have Fallen Through Explosives 
7. Larry Wilmore Skewers The GOP & Fox News Over Their Use Of The Label "Radical Islam" Using Obama's Words

You would think that Alex Jones would push for 9/11 truth rather then push the SAME decoys and smokescreen strategies Fox News and the GOP are using to cover up and hide the truth about 9/11. Clearly Alex Jones is helping the traitors.

Flashback: Alex Jones Before Stockholm Syndrome (?) Made Him Go After The Scapegoats For The Right Wing's False Flag, 9/11...

Alex Jones: Smoking Gun Evidence 9/11 Was An Inside Job;

You'll notice that Alex Jones goes out of his way to blame Muslims... the basic group the Bush Administration had to demonize to get away with 9/11 and Iraq.

9/11 Analyzed

Here are his continued attacks on the scapegoats of 9/11 proving Alex Jones is not patriot but a traitor and in league with the 9/11 guys (Cheney, Bush, Fox News and the GOP)

Example 1:

Infowars: Monday: The Infowars Nightly News: Trump: “Radical Islam” — Just Say It
Description Of Video Playing: On this Monday February 13th, 2017 of the Infowars Nightly News, Obama official can finally use the term “radical Islam”. He claims he wasn’t afraid to use it and wasn’t doing it out of Political Correctness. Right. Both Obama and non-radical Muslims are afraid to use the term. They can’t win an argument with radical Islam, much less a war.

Jesus! It wasn't the Muslims that did 9/11 it was the GOP, the party whose talking points Alex Jones is taking and spreading! First fight the war at home and take out the 9/11 traitors AND THEN go after the "Muslim terrorist" problem that we created with our invasion of Iraq. Alex Jones is approaching this like a Neo Con, i.e. go after the scapegoats and not the ACTUAlLtraitors. This should be enough to prove Jones is a traitor but here are some more proofs...

Example 2:

FBI LAUNCHES TERRORIST PROBES IN ALL 50 STATESJihadists exploited Obama’s national security weaknesses

This is just stupid. I can tell you EXACTLY where the 9/11 terrorists live... in Texas!

Here is the address to reach 9/11 terrorist #1 (Dick Cheney)

Here is the address to reach 9/11 terrorist #2 (George W. Bush)

It's not like the terrorists of the largest attack on the mainland US since the British with 3000 casualties are hard to find!

Example 3:

Infowars: AP CHANGES FRESNO SHOOTER’S WORDS FROM ‘ALLAHU AKBAR,’ REMOVES ISLAM REFERENCEThe AP’s story on the shooting noted that Muhammed said the words in Arabic, but still reported it as “God is great” instead of “Allahu Akbar”

This is a great example of the sort of schizophrenia and nonsensical stupidity that Alex Jones thinks and spreads everywhere. Not only is he ignoring the real problem (the 9/11 coverup and the wars to help keep 9/11 covered up) but he is also refusing to accept the English translation of what is being said (it's an expression, the way people say "Jesus" over here... it is still unknown what Cheney & Bush were saying when they blew up the three towers on 9/11 but those words are what we should be angry about NOT the scapegoat's cultural phrase). Fox News focuses on the Arabic to illustrate the difference and increase fears to continue with their treasonous decoys by helping Americas enemies with their propaganda to keep the fear high and investigation into their treason at a minimum... but why is Alex Jones doing this? Clearly he has joined the 9/11 guys in helping cover-up 9/11.

Example 4:

Infowars: ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WILL BE SPECIFICALLY TARGETING CHRISTIANS AND CHURCHES IN AMERICA Once upon a time, such a thing would have been absolutely unimaginable in America, but now things have completely changed

That's right. Once upon a time we didn't target innocent people because they were colored as scapegoats for our own 9/11 crimes. But after years of covering up 9/11 now we have a whole realm of psychotic traitors helping the GOP cover up thier 9/11 terrorism.

IN any case, Cheney & Bush specifically targeted Christians on 9/11 to get the public ready for war... Jones is still not going after the terrorists but the scapegoats.

Example  5:


Who cares? I'm more concerned with any further terroist atatcks the GOP may be planning now that they are back in power. REMINDER: GOP DID 9/11.

Example 6:

Infowars: MEDIA AGAIN SCOLDS TRUMP FOR REFERRING TO PARIS TERRORIST ATTACK AS ‘TERRORIST ATTACK’ Reporter complains "he knows something more than what anybody else does."

Who cares? Trump should be going after the 9/11 guys and Jones should be pushing him to do that... not helping him continue the war on scapegoats the Bush Administration started to cover up their crimes.

Example 7:


This is probably a result of the GOP's strategy of blaming colored people for all their crimes till some people snap and try and fight back. A natural result of the sort of treasonous destabilization program the 9/11 terrorists have been carrying out on America with the help of their propaganda mouthpiece, Fox News. Clearly Jones is once again helping with that narrative.

I complied multiple proofs of this treasonous political tactic that one would expect terrorists to use and thus fits perfectly on the GOP's plate as the doers of 9/11.

What Alex Jones is actually doing is following the treasonous rhetoric of people like Sean Hannity who spent a great deal of time helping Dick Cheney & George Bush coverup 9/11 (Traitor Jones is what people should probably call him)

Media Matters: Sean Hannity And Rep. Ellison’s Fiery Debate Over Radical Islam And 9/11 Muslim First Responder: Volume grew to roughly 9.25 once Hannity tried to get Ellison to agree that “radical Islamists are at war with America.”

Here are examples of traitor Hannity covering up 9/11...

Sean Hannity gets repeatedly buried by Jesse Ventura on 9/11

9/11 inside job Prof Jim Fetzer dumps on Hannity and Colmes

Summary: This sort of bias (searching for bad stories about Muslims while ignoring bad stories about Christians) is a standard Fox News and GOP tactic since 9/11 to keep people focused on the scapegoat so they don't find out the truth about 9/11.

IN other words, what Fox News tries to do is demonize Muslims/Islam and terrorize the population with thier fear mongering by making it seem that Islam is somehow worse than Christianity (despite tons of scriptural proof saying otherwise) as per this propaganda actions since 9/11;

Me VS Alex Jones

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

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