Apr 20, 2017

Why The Analogy For Assault Rifles Needs To Change As The Musket Of The Founding Fathers Is Really The Jet Fighter & Apache Helicopter of Today!

The argument runs something like this:

i.e. the inaccurate argument common today is that the musket of the age of the Founding Fathers is like the assault rifle of today.

This is wrong. The automatic rifle (assault rifle) is NOT the musket of the days of the Founding Fathers. It's the Apache Helicopter. The F-16 fighter jet. 
To put things in perspective... would the Founding Fathers have been able to beat the British with assault rifles and no planes, air to surface missiles or helicopters? No. The Founding Fathers could have stood there with an assault rifle in each hand firing - all together - at a Fighter Jet or Apache helicopter and they would still have been blown to bits. The Fighter Jet and Apache Helicopter is the Musket of the days of the Founding Fathers. That's how much times have changed.

A great modern example is that of Syria. The rebel fighters try and fight the oppressive regime they have over them and the oppressive regime launches aircraft and helicopters to bomb em from above.


1. Balancing out fighter jets...

... at the State Militia level ...
might be done with hand to air missiles that can take down aircraft (or we could remove the "National Security Act of 1949" and make our government transparent and we won't have to worry about dictators taking over and doing another 9/11).

2. I would also like to note that I have pointed out to the hysterical media of the left that a car can be used as a gun and the test of a murderer is to do with the person and society they live in. Now there are terrorists using vehicles like guns.

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