Mar 23, 2017

Dick Cheney Exposed With The Daily Show - Part 5 (2003-4)

Part 4: Dick Cheney Exposed With The Daily Show - Part 4 (2002)

Part 5...

MOMENT OF ZEN - I DO 1/8/03 Vice President Dick Cheney swears in new members of the Senate.

HEADLINES - DICK CHENEY FOR VICE PRESIDENT 5/12/03 Dick Cheney has announced that he will be George W. Bush's running mate in the upcoming 2004 election.

SEE MORE CUTS 5/29/03 President Bush signs a $350 billion tax cut into law, after Dick Cheney casts the deciding vote in the Senate.

CHENEY REACTION 7/31/03 Neighborhood harpies don't like the explosions happening at Dick Cheney's house.

HEADLINES - IRONIC VIOLENCE 3/18/04 Ironic violence isn't about to stop Dick Cheney from explaining how we'd all be speaking German if John Kerry were in charge.

Dick Cheney

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