Dec 19, 2016

The "War On Christmas"... Exposed!

Background: A Collection Of Bill O Reilly's Lies From Punditfact 

The "War on Christmas" (in modern day politics) is tactic like the Gladiators, & other stadium fights, of Ancient Rome, i.e. it's a diversion tactic to keep the people's minds involved in fake arguments/scandals to keep them from noticing anything real, ... like our sham media network and the stuff it likes to hide.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS DECEMBER 13, 2005 - Bill O'Reilly campaigns against the secularization of Christmas by putting those who wish 'Happy Holidays' on the naughty list. (4:02)

THE GRETCH WHO SAVED THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 6, 2010 - HUGH SHELTON 12/06/2010 The holiday season wouldn't feel the same without people going out of their way to be offended by nothing. (8:58)

TREE FIGHTING CEREMONY - WAR ON CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 6, 2011 - As long as conservatives view the words "Happy Holidays" as a subtextual "F**k you and your Baby Jesus," there can be no peace. (4:50)

WAR ON CHRISTMAS - BILL O'REILLY FIRES BACK DECEMBER 8, 2011 - Bill O'Reilly responds to Jon's declaration of war on Christmas. (2:01)

THE BEST OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS 12/19/2013 The Best F#@king News Team Ever covers the never-ending War on Christmas. (4:33)

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: FRIENDLY FIRE EDITION DECEMBER 3, 2012For Fox News, the war on Christmas has become a rote observance devoid of all its original meaning. (7:23)

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: FRIENDLY FIRE EDITION - BILL O'REILLY'S PHILOSOPHY DECEMBER 3, 2012 - Bill O'Reilly hands atheists another thing that they can't believe. (2:48)

(The idea of Christianity as "Philosophy" is something he copied - badly - from my post on Buddhist philosophy! One of his many steals from my blogs that I have caught, I may make a more updated catalog of his thefts in the future)

WORLD WAR C - HAPPY HOLIDAYS DECEMBER 3, 2013 - Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly rush to Christmas's defense, despite its not being in any way threatened. (6:31)


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