Dec 14, 2016

Lessons In Republican Politics 8 - Demonize Latinos

History to understand 'the sudden influx of immigrants';
1. Ronald Reagan’s genocidal secret: A true story of right-wing impunity in Guatemala Here's the real story of how a genocide trial against former Guatemalan head of state Efraín Ríos Montt fell apart
2."Reagan Was the Butcher of My People:" Fr. Miguel D'Escoto Speaks From Nicaragua
3. How Reagan Promoted Genocide

The Latino edition of this strategy;

COLBERT SUPER PAC - REPUBLICANS & THE LATINO VOTEAPRIL 4, 2012 - Republicans will need to work hard to capture the Latino vote instead of their current strategy of capturing Latinos. (4:20)

BIPARTISAN IMMIGRATION REFORM FEBRUARY 4, 2013 - Latino immigrants deserve the same Social Security, Medicare and public education benefits that all Americans are slowly losing. (6:49)

MEXICANS IN THE MIDDLE JULY 31, 2013 - A deeply unpopular Congress defies its constituents and basic reason by opposing comprehensive immigration reform. (3:46)

OBAMA'S IMMIGRATION PLAN - ESTEBAN COLBERTO NOVEMBER 18, 2014 - President Obama moves to prevent the deportation of millions of immigrants, and Stephen's Mexican colleague Esteban Colberto offers his analysis. (6:49)

TUCSON'S MEXICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES BAN APRIL 2, 2012 - Al Madrigal travels to Arizona, where the powerful evidence of hearsay convinced the Tucson school board to ban Mexican-American studies programs. (5:26)

MEXICAN STANDOFF JUNE 28, 2007 - The Senate revived the immigration debate just so they can kill it again. (1:25)

THE MILLIONAIRE GAFFEMAKER - MINORITY BENEFITS SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 - In an America where Latinos have the advantage, Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams express admiration for Mitt Romney's accomplishments as an underprivileged, rich, white male. (3:42)

QUESTIONABLE COMPASSION FOR CHILD IMMIGRANTS JULY 17, 2014 - As the child immigrant crisis continues, Fox News pundits respond with a combination of sympathy and xenophobia. (8:57)

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A few links showing the propaganda trend in the Republican party (Fox News is where Republicans get thier news from);

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

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