Dec 16, 2016

CNN: Professor Predicts Trump Impeachment

CNN: Professor predicts Trump impeachment Allan Lichtman, a political historian at American University has correctly called every election since 1984. He is now predicting a Trump impeachment. 


Trump tweet on potential business conflicts New reports suggest Trump could have serious conflicts of interests as president due to his international business connections. Trump has lashed out at those reports on Twitter. Ari Melber discusses the concerns with Paul Butler and David Frum.

It occurred to me that is the Republicans are suddenly supporting the President having a business run by him or by/in his name then they are clearly not Constitutionalists in any sense of the word. It doesn't matter what arguments they bring if they oppose this fundamental Constitutional principle (gives more weight to my thesis that they are INTENTIONALLY trying to destabilize America and not because they are stupid, as Bobby Jindal seems to think, thus proving that calling Fox News "Domestic Terrorists" is the most appropriate term for the situation)

First on CNN: Obama blasts GOP for talking Clinton impeachment in new radio ad

I think their primary strategy will be to say that 'we forgave Clinton' now you forgive Trump. This is clearly a result of the firm belief in the success of their fake news channel

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CNN: Trump's business shutters 3 overseas projects CNN's Drew Griffin looks into President-elect Donald Trump's international business partners and the trouble some of them have been in.


State Attorneys General: We’re ready to fight Trump New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss The New York Times report that he and other Attorneys General are ready to sue Donald Trump if he tries to implement policies that violate the Constitution.

Trump untroubled by his conflicts of interest, nor is his base Jo Becker, investigative reporter for The New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the mistake impression by the media and Americans generally that Donald Trump will somehow separate from his business for the sake of the presidency.

Trump’s unprecedented conflicts of interest New concerns arise over President-elect Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest. Trump has promised he'll separate personal business from the presidency, but has yet to explain how he plans to do it.

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