Dec 26, 2016

A Collection Of Sean Hannity's Lies From Punditfact

1. A Collection Of Fox News Lies - Part 1
2. A Collection Of Bill O Reilly's Lies From Punditfact
3. News In America Is Dead: Fox News IS Fake News... It Has Had It's Own "Pizzagate" MANY Many Times! Yet No One Calls Em Out!

(Punditfact just started this rating pundits things)

A few related Media Matters links;

New Pew Report: Majority Of Americans Across Party Lines Say Fake News Caused "A Great Deal" Of Confusion

Conservatives Downplayed Fake News. Yesterday It Almost Had A Body Count.While Right-Wing Media Dismiss Fake News, "Alt-Right" White Nationalists And Misogynists Use It To Harass

CIA Report Of Russian Interference Proves That Right-Wing Media Will Call Anything They Don't Like "Fake News"

Sean Hannity Calls Allegations Of Russian Hacking To Benefit Trump “Politically Motivated” “Fake News”Hannity: "I’m Just Assuming This Is Another Liberal Fake News Story That They’re All Falling For, And It’s Politically Motivated”

Hannity Attacks CNN's Jeff Zeleny For Fact Checking Trump’s Voter Fraud Conspiracy TheorySean Hannity: “What Are They Trying To Do? Damage President-Elect Donald Trump”

Architect Of CIA's Waterboarding Program And Fox & Friends Host Mislead About Torture

Fox's Geraldo Rivera: "I Thought Hannity Was Crazy, He Was So Obsessed" With Getting Trump ElectedRivera: "Hannity Led The Charge To Get President-Elect Trump Elected"

There Is No Trump Mandate

Sean Hannity’s Final Two Weeks Of 2016 Campaign Coverage Has Devolved Into Insanity

Ann Coulter: Hillary's Presidency And Immigration Policy Would Mark "The End Of America As We Conceive Of It"Ann Coulter: "What You Have Is Black Democrats Against Asian Democrats, Against Hispanic Democrats. Soon, We'll Have The Muslim Democrats. It’s The End Of America" 

Note on this final one (for now):


This one is partly my fault and now the cowardly media and Democrats will have to pay for it (since they don't arrest criminals connected to Iraq oil war etc... also, this won't be the first time the "liberal" media has backed down and gotten people killed over their silence, they even help where Muslims and blacks are concerned - see links below-). The interesting thing is that I was just defining a fact using evidence while Hannity & Co are just following a demonizing strategy straight out of the Nazi handbooks with no proof but their lying word (they used this strategy before but stopped because of the outcry of killing a Judge etc., Of course, they didn't face any consequences for it so now the strategy is back). Unfortunately, media doesn't fight back against Murdoch's Fox News cause their paychecks are all connected, so the right is out to kill Democrats and Liberals again while the media will do what it's always done and look the other way (unless it's Hillary);

Sirius XM Radio Host Says Democrats "Follow The Playbooks Of Mein Kampf By Hitler" Jonathan Gilliam: The Democratic Party "Follow[s] The Playbooks Of Mein Kampf By Hitler, And Saul Alinsky, To The 'T'"

Where he got his idea for bringing back the demonizing strategy of calling Liberals Nazi's is from my recent proofs that (see links below) - using all the evidence - Fox "News", it's independent hosts and the GOP are clearly a Nazi type institution based on their basic political strategy of lying, i.e.;

My recent proofs go as follows;

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

This is one of my older proofs;

Disclaimer: It's not my fault that Hannity & Co. are taking my proofs and turning them on their heads against Liberals. I am stating a fact and they are doing stuff they should have gone to prison a long time ago for if it wasn't for the cowardly/bought media. (Note: They do this so often that I even proved it in one of my older posts (called it the "shadow strategy") and it seems they have begun to use the strategy of stealing from liberals and throwing it back at them as a regular strategy!)

What we can expect from the right's recent demonization strategies is what they have always done (since I started documenting the post 2000 world), i.e. 

What Hannity and friends are doing is following their standard GOP/Cheney/Bush mandate;

Case Study: The Fox News Echo Chamber Model Of "News" Is Designed To Encourage Dictatorships & Destroy Democracy

The trend they are counting on is this one;

The End Of The American Constitution?

More about Fox News;

Analyzing Fox News Rhetoric & "Conservatism"

The "Real News" Media's Double Standard On Terrorism

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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