Dec 26, 2016

Trump's REPUBLICAN Transition Team Starts An Anti-Science Witch Hunt EXACTLY Like The Salem Witch Trials! (i.e. It's A Non-Fact Based Investigation, Like The Inquisition!)

Background: 1. The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 3 - GOP Lacks The Intelligence To Understand Scientists... Thus Their Mantra Is "I Am Not A Scientist" 
2. Media Matters: Inspired By CNN Anchor, Hannity And Gingrich Spew Climate Science Denial After Airing A Clip Of CNN's Alisyn Camerota Suggesting Climate Science Isn't Settled, Hannity And Gingrich Critize Her Co-Host For Defending The Scientific Consensus

The key to understanding what is going on is the Fox News IS Fake News; News In America Is Dead: Fox News IS Fake News... It Has Had It's Own "Pizzagate" MANY Many Times! Yet No One Calls Em Out!

What policies and actions based on fake news (non-science based "facts") looks like...

Energy Department thwarts Trump climate action 'witch hunt' Rachel Maddow reports on the first fight between the Trump transition team and the Obama administration in which the Department of Energy has rejected a Trump request for the names of people who worked on climate change action.

If this news story is anything to judge by then we seem to be in for a Nazi like administration!

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

Analyzing Fox News Rhetoric & "Conservatism"

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