Nov 24, 2016

Thanksgiving With The Daily Show 1 - Thanksgiving... A Time To Be Thankful For Football & The Native American Genocide

INTRO - THANKSGIVING FOOTBALL AND GENOCIDE DECEMBER 1, 2008Hopefully, this Thanksgiving, you watched some football and reflected on the genocide of the Native American people. (0:20)

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DAILY/COLBERT - 55TH THANKSGIVING NOVEMBER 28, 2005 - Stephen details his Thanksgiving vacation, where his family dressed as Indians and viruses in a convincing reenactment of the 55th Thanksgiving (0:44)

PRODUCE PETE WITH STEVE CARELL - THANKSGIVING NOVEMBER 19, 2003 - The dramatic Native Americans introduced the white man to the pumpkin or, as they called it, the gourd of fire. (2:25)

FROM ASHES TO BULLETS AUGUST 1, 2011 - Alabama company Holy Smoke turns loved ones' ashes into real bullets that can be used to hunt turkeys on Thanksgiving. (3:06)

PRODUCE PETE WITH STEVE CARELL - THANKSGIVING NOVEMBER 13, 2001 - You can use a purple-topped turnip in a pinch, but under no circumstances should you ever use a yellow rutabaga. (1:18)

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