Nov 23, 2016

Step-By-Step Mathematical Analysis Of The WTC 7 Free Fall Using A Commonly Available Physics Software

The official defense of the WTC 7 free fall is that a few beams were loosened and thus the whole building fell down like a Jenga game (the other explanation being fire which is easily disproven by doing a comparison). The cement and OTHER steel beams that went into it's construction are left out. It shouldn't need pointing out that even a dozen beams falling down can't make a modern concrete skyscraper to fall in free fall time. ONLY a demolition - which takes weeks of planning - can do that.

The following is an analysis using a common physics software program proving WTC 7 fell in free fall i.e. by a demolition (carefully placed explosives designed to go off in sequence);

WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial

Physics toolkits;

Physics tool kit software

Physics toolkit at Buffalo University

If the building was simply broken or structurally unsound in some areas it would have collapse IN PART, like a normal building does when following standard laws of physics and engineering;

The buildings SHOULD have fallen like this;

Building Demolition Goes Wrong by DiagonalView

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