Nov 10, 2016

Stephan Colbert Advocates The Use Of Free Speech (Speaking Out) To Oppose Trump

Stephen Colbert: Don't Move To Canada Just Yet

Here is Stephen Colbert advocating free speech as the way to oppose Trump (i.e. what Trump and his running-mate have already shown that they oppose... though using the "politically correct way to say it, i.e. "religious freedom" or "I should be able to sue media for lying"... on the other hand, if we can sue media for lying then we should finally be able to get Fox News, no?);

OK. So speak up.

How we got here...

The Making of Donald Trump | Stephen Colbert's Live Election Night | SHOWTIME

Note to people trying to draw a false equivalency between right and left: I believe "which side is worse" can be determined by how misinformed one side is (that was the key to Hitler's victory in Germany and pulling the Nazi party together, i.e. misinformation). To make sure we never have another election like this again... the media lying machine needs to be stopped;

The End Of The American Constitution?

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