Nov 10, 2016

Does A Trump Presidency Signal The Beginning Of The End Of Free Speech?

Trump Has Already Said He Would End Free Speech... & Pence Has Actually Attacked The 1st Amendment Of The Constitution For Religious Reasons (So Much For Separation Of Church & State). Is The End Of The American Constitution Is At Hand?

Proofs of the Trump Presidency's attack on the First Amendment;

1. Trump's war on free speech (1st Amendment)...

EXCLUSIVE - JOHN STANTON EXTENDED INTERVIEWNOVEMBER 9, 2016 - BuzzFeed reporter John Stanton talks about what Donald Trump's first three months as president could include and weighs in on how he will work with his Republican Congress. (9:14)

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The following example shows how Pence disregarded the age old tradition established by the Constitution separating Church from State;

A Million Gays to Deny in the Midwest - Indiana Governor Mike Pence signs legislation to protect religious freedom in his state, but the law leads to discrimination against the LGBT community. (6:30)

Notice how the people who this bill was written for were standing around Indiana's Governor Pence when he signed the bill;

In other words, for his State, Governor Pence repealed THIS tradition;

The End Of The American Constitution?

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