Nov 7, 2016

Overview of 9/11 With The Daily Show - Part 12

MOHAMMED'S CONFESSION MARCH 15, 2007 - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed planned 9/11? He seems more like the Horatio Sanz of jihad. (1:34)

Note: We've know for decades, if not thousands of years, that torture doesn't work to get accurate confessions

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U.S. Tortured and Killed Innocent People for the Specific Purpose of Producing False Propaganda

The Humane Interrogation Technique That Actually Works

D.C. PROSTITUTION GATE MAY 2, 2007 - Sex scandal, baby! It's like we got our pre-9/11 boners back. (3:20)

BUSH CALENDAR JULY 16, 2007 - Rob Riggle reports on the Bush administration's new calendar, which is based on post-9/11 progress. (3:09)

THE WORD - RE-RUN SEPTEMBER 12, 2007 - MSNBC's unedited rebroadcast of the events of 9/11 gives Stephen an idea for boosting the president's approval ratings. (4:30)

HAVE GUN, WILL GROVEL SEPTEMBER 24, 2007 - Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks to the tragedy of 9/11 Tourette's Syndrome while addressing the NRA. (3:47)

Daily Show on 9/11 & It's Effects

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