Nov 6, 2016

Obama Explains Why Trump Is NOT Fit To Be President (Links for proof added)

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Obama goes over all the reasons for not voting for Trump. 

One-on-one with President Obama The president talks about what it would be like to have Donald Trump take his place.

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Jon Stewart Slams Fox News's False Patriotism In It's Use Of It's Anti-Obama Echo Chamber

The GOP have been destroying the economy & opposing their own bills JUST to oppose Obama!

On Trump

GOP Politics


GOP has always opposed voting for minorities like their geographical groups did after the civil war. Now, Trump has brought the country back to where is was 100 years ago as far as issues of race are concerned... well, almost. Judges are fighting back, trying to keep the post civil war laws against discrimination in place.

Ohio Judge Blocks Trump Supporters from 'Exit Polling'

Major legal victory for voting rights in North Carolina Penda Hair, lead attorney representing the NC NAACP and legal director of Forward Justice, talks with Rachel Maddow about a federal judge ordering North Carolina to restore the status of thousands of people who had been purged from voting rolls.

Movie to watch to get an idea of the kind of voting policies and behavior Trump enhanced & brought back (it's possible Alex Jones scared Trump with his ranting but it's more likely Trump was conning Alex Jones to get "the right wing conspiracy block") ;

Free State of Jones

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