Nov 22, 2016

Daily Show: How Media & Politicians Use "Lobbying" Instead Of Bribery AND "Gerrymandering" Instead Of Rigging

Trevor Noah and the Daily Show outline this phenomenon very well;

CORRUPTION, AMERICAN-STYLE NOVEMBER 15, 2016 - As the U.S. prepares for a potential African-style dictatorship under President-elect Trump, the developing world learns how to market government corruption like America. (2:17)

The basic problem we have with media's use of words to make what is bad seem OK;

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To be fair, I think the media is probably using it's false equivalency model of "truth" when dealing with bribery and district rigging i.e. the politician says a word and they just agree with him to be nice rather than having a big outcry about how bribery and vote rigging can be allowed. If you look at all the political connections on their boards of directors you realize it's how they do "synergy";

A Look At The Lying Media

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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