Oct 31, 2016

Trevor Noah Demonstrates How The Media's Fake Scandals Makes The Candidates THEMSELVES Make Mistakes

Background: Dana Bash Makes A Fool Of Herself But Nobody Noticed Because of The Media's Stranglehold On "News"

This post demonstrates how the right AND the left use fake news as a form activism and viewer generation strategy, i.e. they seek revenue by misinforming their viewers providing a disservice rather than a service to the people who watch their network "news" channels. Note: The examples used are of when the media misquotes candidates to create fake scandals. One example is of Hillary & the other one is of Trump (Note 2, the right does fake scandals as a REGULAR part of it's "news" so they are easier to pick on)

HOW THE MEDIA CREATES CAMPAIGN OUTRAGE OCTOBER 5, 2016 - Trevor lambasts the media for taking out of context Hillary Clinton's portrayal of Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump's poorly-worded commentary on veterans with PTSD. (6:55)


First, Trevor Noah paints the scene;

Next, Trevor Noah shows a montage of clips from Fox News (a channel known for it's lies);

Trevor Noah explains (incorrectly) that the media is "addicted to phony outrage" (he's still learning) but provides an EXCELLENT example of how the "left" media faked a Trump story (or they are just stupid, frankly, I'm open to both possibilities at this time);

I agree with Trevor Noah. Trump was actually being compassionate. Media's "fake outrage" is why I was willing to side with Trump for as long as I did;

Trump VS Hillary

Of course, since then, Trump has been caught lying on everything from women to the Iraq War (Iraq war was the big one for me cause that removed the possibility that he knew what he was talking about);

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