Oct 12, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 25

FALLOUT FROM DONALD TRUMP'S PUSSYGATE SCANDAL OCTOBER 10, 2016 - Donald Trump's presidential campaign reels after a 2005 video surfaces in which he boasts about sexually assaulting women. (10:33)

DONALD TRUMP CHANNELS HIS INNER AFRICAN DICTATOR OCTOBER 10, 2016 - In the second presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump exhibits classic African dictator behavior when proclaiming that Hillary Clinton should be in jail. (4:20)

DONALD TRUMP REMOVES THE GOP SHACKLES OCTOBER 11, 2016 - As GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan distances himself from Donald Trump, the scandal-plagued presidential hopeful vows to become even less restrained. (2:05)

WHAT THE ACTUAL FACT? - DONALD TRUMP LIES HIS WAY THROUGH THE SECOND DEBATE OCTOBER 11, 2016 - Instead of fact-checking the 2016 town hall-style presidential debate, Desi Lydic presents a montage of Donald Trump lying throughout the night. (1:59)

DONALD TRUMP'S DISASTROUS WEEKEND OCTOBER 11, 2016 - Michelle Wolf weighs in on Donald Trump's rough weekend during which he faced Hillary Clinton in a tense debate and confronted a sexual assault scandal. (5:33)

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