Oct 12, 2016

Overview of 9/11 With The Daily Show - Part 4

Part 3: Overview of 9/11 With The Daily Show - Part 3

Part 4...

WIZARDS OF I.D. MARCH 14, 2002 - If anyone's concerned that the government is turning too "Big Brother-y" since 9/11, rest assured that they're far too incompetent for anything bad to happen. (2:37)

FOR THE LOVE OF THE RIOT APRIL 2, 2002 - The rioting and on-campus pandemonium speak very well of today's youth, especially in a post-9/11 world. (2:46)

FEDERAL EXCESS JUNE 6, 2002 - The Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating lapses in U.S. intelligence prior to 9/11 and looking for a scapegoat. (1:51)

WORLD CUP SECURITY JUNE 5, 2002 - The 2002 World Cup marks the first time American athletes participate in a major sporting event outside the country since 9/11. (1:16)

HEADLINES - P.I.N. PRICKS AUGUST 8, 2002 - Thousands of people in lower Manhattan use ATMs to steal money after 9/11, while two men hired to clear anthrax steal cash earmarked for the Afghan children's fund. (1:46)

Daily Show on 9/11 & It's Effects

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