Oct 17, 2016

The Daily Show Does NBC/MSNBC - Part 2

Part 1: The Daily Show Does NBC/MSNBC - Part 1

Part 2...

OTHER NEWS - SUB-PARTRIDGE JANUARY 10, 2000 - Jon commends NBC's "The David Cassidy Story" for managing to cover the 70's teen idol's rich, complex career in only two hours. (1:58)

MIDDLE EAST MEDIA GRAPHICS OCTOBER 16, 2000 - Guns, rocks, a driving score and sepia tones: MSNBC's Middle East Crisis graphic is very "Howards End." (2:28)

THIS JUST IN - JUST LOOK AT THIS FANTASTIC HEADLINE! DECEMBER 20, 2000 - CBS throws the second edition of its mega-hit reality show "Survivor" up against NBC's mega-hit sitcom "Friends." (3:11)

A MAN WHO SERVED AS PRESIDENT JANUARY 17, 2001 - It's no secret that Stephen Colbert is going to miss NBC Correspondent Claire Shipman. (0:44)

DYAN CANNON JANUARY 30, 2001- Dyan Cannon talks to Jon about basketball and her new NBC show, "Three Sisters." (4:48)

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