Oct 17, 2016

The Daily Show Does ISIS - Part 2

Part 1: The Daily Show Does ISIS - Part 1

Part 2...

MESS O'POTAMIA - 300 JUNE 23, 2014 - The militant group ISIS quickly gains control of much of Iraq, giving Dick Cheney an opportunity to place blame for the crisis on everyone but himself. (6:27)

OBAMA'S RESPONSE TO ISIS IN IRAQ - MARK MAZZETTI JUNE 23, 2014 - "The Way of the Knife" author Mark Mazzetti weighs in on President Obama's decision to send 300 military advisers into Iraq to help quell militant violence. (6:52)

ISIS INVADES HASHTAGISTAN JUNE 24, 2014 - ISIS militants in Iraq take their fight to the Twittersphere by deviously piggybacking on trending hashtags. (4:13)

(500) CRAZIES OF SUMMER JULY 14, 2014 - The fun of summer abruptly ends when an immigration crisis, growing threats from ISIS, the resurgence of Israeli-Palestinian violence and a scandal at the CDC all emerge. (8:38)

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