Sep 3, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Megyn Kelly - Part 3 (War On Christmas & The Trump Interview)

Part 1: The Daily Show Covers Megyn Kelly - Part 1

Part 2: The Daily Show Covers Megyn Kelly - Part 2 (Moments Of Zen)

Part 3...

POST DEMOCALYPSE 2012 - AMERICA TAKES A SHOWER - KARL ROVE'S MATH NOVEMBER 7, 2012 - Karl Rove disputes Fox News's Ohio electoral math, Megyn Kelly goes for a stroll, and Bill O'Reilly pronounces the election a victory for people who want stuff. (5:38)

PORN NAMES & PORN LAWSUITS JANUARY 17, 2013 - Megyn Kelly's porn name is not as good of a porn name as "Megyn Kelly," and a major adult filmmaker challenges L.A.'s condom law for porn actors. (5:03)

MEGYN KELLY ON SANTA'S SKIN COLOR DECEMBER 12, 2013 - Fox News's Megyn Kelly emphatically rejects the concept of a non-white Santa Claus. (4:02)

WAR ON CHRISTMAS - S#@T'S GETTING WEIRD EDITION DECEMBER 12, 2013 - Gretchen Carlson issues a manger danger warning, and Megyn Kelly defends Santa Claus's historically-based Caucasian bona fides. (5:02)

WHITE SANTA & MEGYN KELLY'S APOLOGY DECEMBER 16, 2013 - Megyn Kelly responds to critics challenging her assertion that both Jesus and Santa Claus were white men. (3:23)

DONALD TRUMP VS. MEGYN KELLY JANUARY 27, 2016 - Donald Trump pulls out of a Republican presidential debate after Fox News announces that network anchor Megyn Kelly will be the moderator. (6:19)

DONALD TRUMP AND MEGYN KELLY FINALLY FACE OFF MAY 18, 2016 - After months of squabbling in the media, presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly face off in a surprisingly subdued interview. (7:43)

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