Sep 3, 2016

The Daily Show On The Iraq War 5 - 2003 Continues

Part 4: The Daily Show On The Iraq War 4 - The Iraq War Becomes The Iraq Oil War

Part 5...

FOIBLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION APRIL 21, 2003 - The U.S. military transforms its mission in Iraq from blowing things up to putting it back together again (1:43)

BRAND NEW BAGHDAD MAY 1, 2003 It's all aboard in Iraq as the first train rolls out of Baghdad since the beginning of the war. (0:37)

THE GREAT HUSSEIN ROBBERY MAY 6, 2003 - Qusay Hussein steals $1 billion in cash from Iraq's central bank and coalition forces bag Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, aka Mrs. Anthrax. (2:06)

MEET THE NEW BOSS MAY 7, 2003 - The White House insists the Iraqi people are free to choose their own government, provided it's democratic. (2:02)

HEADLINES - THE SMOTHERED BROTHERS JULY 23, 2003 - The U.S. military killed Uday and Qusay Hussein in Mosul, Iraq, with missiles and machine gun fire. (1:38)

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