Sep 6, 2016

The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 9 (2010)

Part 8: The Daily Show Covers Glenn Beck - Part 8 (2010)

Part 9...

THE MANCHURIAN LUNATIC NOVEMBER 18, 2010 - Jon isn't saying Glenn Beck is a saboteur sent to destroy Fox News; he's merely asking why Beck's doing George Soros' bidding. (7:46)

GEORGE SOROS PLANS TO OVERTHROW AMERICA NOVEMBER 18, 2010 Glenn Beck concludes that the only explanation for George Soros' relationships with various liberal media and charity non-profits is to overthrow America. (7:51)

Moments of Zen for 2010

MOMENT OF ZEN - GLENN BECK BLOWS YOUR MIND NOVEMBER 18, 2010 - Glenn Beck plans to blow your mind. (0:39)

MOMENT OF ZEN - JESUS WITH ANTS ON HIM DECEMBER 6, 2010 - Glenn Beck questions artwork depicting Jesus with ants on him, on display at the Smithsonian. (0:34)

MOMENT OF ZEN - GLENN BECK'S PUPPET SHOW NOVEMBER 9, 2010 - Glenn Beck uses puppets to demonstrate the familiar story about government and taxes that politicians tell on their stage. (0:20)


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