Sep 6, 2016

The Daily Show On The Iraq War 9 - 2003 Continues

Part 8: The Daily Show On The Iraq War 8 - 2003 Continues

Part 9...

MESS O'POTAMIA - BRUCE WILLIS & THE ACCELERATORS SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 -  U.S. troops in Iraq face oppressive, dangerous conditions -- among them, Bruce Willis. (1:04)

A FAREWELL TO ARMS OCTOBER 2, 2003 - Rest assured, if there are weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, they will whip it. (0:53)

HUMAN SHIELD IN IRAQ OCTOBER 2, 2003 - A preview of Ed Helms' piece about a human shield in Iraq. (0:53)

IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINAR OCTOBER 9, 2003 The Iraqi Central Bank unveils the country's new currency, and awaits certain death at the hands of the insurgents. (1:14)

HEADLINES - LITTLE HELP HERE? OCTOBER 20, 2003 - The UN votes to approve sending more troops to Iraq to help with their reconstruction, and Donald Rumsfeld is happy the pussies have started helping. (2:47)

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