Aug 11, 2016

The Daily Show On Women 2 - Women In The Workplace & Equal Pay

Background: The Daily Show On Women 1 - The Different Perspectives Of Women In Culture

A collection of videos from The Daily Show illustrating issues such as the challenge in getting equal pay (for equal work) for women and women's advancement in the workplace.

SEXISM ON THE SOCCER FIELD APRIL 5, 2016 - Despite winning a World Cup and generating more revenue than their male counterparts, the U.S. women's soccer team faces blatant wage discrimination. (6:28)

THE FUTURE OF GENDER WAGE EQUALITY MARCH 24, 2015 - Kristen Schaal reports on the gender wage gap and discovers that some sci-fi fantasies will come to fruition before women get equal pay. (4:49)

PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY VS. EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN APRIL 24, 2014 - Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly defends the wage gap between men and women by arguing that equal pay poses a threat to romance. (3:25)

5 X FIVE - NEWS ROUNDUP: PAY EQUALITY Stephen learns the history behind the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, chats with Sheryl Sandberg about women in the workplace and questions why women sleep with Donald Trump. (4:21)

JON STEWART'S THUMBS UP, WOMEN - THE JOB INTERVIEW JANUARY 16, 2014 - Kristen Schaal experiments with absolute workplace power and vows to abuse it much better than men have. (4:52)

JON STEWART'S THUMBS UP, WOMEN JANUARY 16, 2014 - From GM to Hamas, women make inroads in traditionally male organizations. (2:50)

MOMENT OF ZEN - MILF SENSITIVITY MARCH 13, 2012 Sean Hannity makes sure he isn't offending any women with the term "MILF." (0:11)

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