Aug 22, 2016

The Daily Show On The Iraq War 4 - The Iraq War Becomes The Iraq Oil War

Background: The Daily Show On The Iraq War 3 - The Iraq War Begins & Ends

A look at how the Iraq War slowly began to reveal it's true colors.

ANTIQUES NO-SHOW APRIL 21, 2003 President Bush learns he has cultural advisors. (3:32)

PILLAGE PEOPLE MAY 1, 2003 - Any American caught stealing anything in Iraq that cannot be poured into a Lexus faces serious consequences. (2:31)

MOMENT OF ZEN - OIL WELL FIRES MAY 12, 2003 Footage of uncontrolled oil well fires in Kuwait and Iraq. (0:07)

COOKIES FOR OIL MAY 28, 2003If Americans were smart, they would give Iraqis one cookie now for half a million barrels of oil and another cookie after one million. (3:16)

MOMENT OF ZEN - MORE COOKIES FOR OIL MAY 28, 2003 - American soldiers are giving Iraqi locals cookies in exchange for barrels of oil. (0:14)

MOMENT OF ZEN - GEORGE W. BUSH - IRAQI CONTRACTS DECEMBER 11, 2003 - President George W. Bush announces that Iraqi contracts will go to companies from coalition countries. (0:10)

******Flash Forward ******

This is the introduction of the documentary above from MSNBC (more of the documentary is below);

‘Why we did it’ Part 1, - US thirsty for energy Rachel Maddow looks into the real reason the U.S. went to war in Iraq. The entirety of this documentary will be on demand at

Full documentary investigating the plan to invade Iraq for oil that began in 2001;

Rachel Maddow Documentary Special: "Why We Did It" - The Invasion of Iraq (FULL) 

Highlights showing Cheney's connections to the oil companies and the planning for take over of the oil fields of Iraq that took place in the Bush Administration in 2001;

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THE PRESIDENT AFLOAT MAY 1, 2003 - President Bush lands a jet on an aircraft carrier, signaling the end of Hostilities in Iraq. (4:07)

Media's Iraq War Coverup In A Nutshell

Media's Iraq War Cover-Up In More Detail

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