Aug 22, 2016

The Daily Show On The Iraq War 3 - The Iraq War Begins & Ends

This post continues the narrative of the Iraq War in the words of the Daily Show from Part 2 and Part 1C (i.e. the updates to part 1).

Part 1 C: The Daily Show On The Iraq War 1 C - The Buildup To The War In Iraq

Part 2: The Daily Show On The Iraq War 2 - The War In Iraq Begins

Part 2 A...

SHOWDOWN: IRAQ? - SADDAM HUSSEIN'S CONTROL APRIL 8, 2003 - Coalition spokespeople have confirmed that Saddam no longer controls the entire room, only the bed and night table region. (3:02)

MOMENT OF ZEN - IRAQI RIOTERS APRIL 29, 2003 - Iraqis shout and make hand gestures to Saddam loyalists captured by U.S. soldiers. (0:09)

HEADLINES - MAGICAL VICTORY TOUR APRIL 30, 2003 - Donald Rumsfeld returns to Iraq after a 20-year absence to declare victory. (5:06)

MOMENT OF ZEN - VASES APRIL 21, 2003 - Vases are looted from the Iraqi National Museum. (0:06)

HEADLINES - OIL FIELDS APRIL 24, 2003 - When we burn Iraqi oil, the fumes will linger long after those antiquities are gone. (1:15)

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