Jun 2, 2016

Chris Hayes & The Rest Of The Liberal Media Push A Con Artists Party's View About Trump i.e. That Marco Rubio & The GOP Aren't The Con Artists It's Trump! (Memory Loss?)

This is a simple one. The GOP can EASILY be called a party of con men JUST based on it's economic policies (I don't even have to get into any of the other stuff). Their policies are designed to help the rich at the cost of the poor & middle class while telling them the opposite (exactly what a con is). The funny part is that we actually have decades of proof about thier 'biased towards the rich' economic policies which they continue to sell as economy boosting policies when they are actually economy harming policies. Here is a short list;

Introduction To The Class Warfare Being Waged by The GOP & Fox News On America OR "Actual elephants are more useful than the GOP"

Jon Stewart: The Republicans' Refusal To Accept Any Tax Increases To Help America Out Of Debt Is Like A Doctor Believing Strictly In Magic To Cure A Patient

Ronald Reagan's Policies Began The Destruction Of The Middle Class & The Constitution

The GOP have been destroying the economy & opposing their own bills JUST to oppose Obama!

{Debt Ceiling History Example} The GOP's/FoxNews's Primary Goal Is To Do Anything To Win Elections INCLUDING Destroying The Economy If Necessary!

GOP's Economic Theories - Disproven Under George Bush - Continue To Be The Basis For Their Policies PROVING GOP Are An Ideological Party & Not A Reasonable One

Despite this decades old con, Chris Hayes uses one of thier representatives (who is by definition a con man based on his economic policies and what he says they would do), to push one of the con men's ideas, i.e. that Trump is the Con Man. How could miss such an obvious lack of credibility?

Rubio, Cruz pressed: Will you back Trump? The former presidential candidates once had incredibly harsh words for the presumptive nominee. Today, they didn't seem to know what to say.


When the con artists in control of the corporate media realized that have lost and have no choice but to join the winner or look bad to thier constituents, Corporate Media finds it strange. It's not a party that is 'falling in line', it's a party that lied, where helped in those lies by the media and STILL lost. That's what happened.

Rubio changes his tune on Trump Chris Hayes talks to Philip Klein about Marco Rubio's very public about-face on Donald Trump. Duration: 4:55


What hypocrisy! A reminder of what policies and ideas people such as Marco Rubio and his allies in the GOP and Fox News have supported;

GOP Politics

Why this strange disconnect between reality and truth when people shout "TRUMP" rather than the way Hillary shouts 9/11? Because it's not said often by Hillary? But what about weighting comments? Well, there is a problem with the media... 

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

Rachel Maddow

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