May 27, 2016

Why Is Paul Ryan & The GOP's Congress Silent On Hastert's Misdeeds?


Case for Indicting The GOP for Treason for The "Paul Ryan Plan" (*As Per The US Constitution)

A Former, Very Respected, Speaker OF The House Is Indicted... Is Paul Ryan Next?

Rick Perry's Policies CONSISTENTLY Lead To An Increase In Child Abuse, That Makes His Policies PRO CHILD ABUSE

Rachel Maddow Discusses The Cowardly Congress & It's Fear Of Declaring War On ISIS

Instead of talking about accountability and transparency because of this;

MSNBC: Congress surprisingly silent on Hastert's misdeeds - Rachel Maddow notes that while some organizations have acted to distance themselves from former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, his most famous association, the House of Representatives, has yet to offer any reprimand or censure to the longest serving Republican speaker in U.S. history, the highest ranking American elected official to have been sentenced for prison, who admitted in open court to being a serial child molester.

Paul Ryan is talking about stuff in a weird way suggesting a propaganda campaign;

Paul Ryan continues to present oddly presidential campaign videosJennifer Bendery, White House and Congressional reporter for The Huffington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about what has become a series of videos produced by House Speaker Paul Ryan that have the ring of presidential campaign videos even though Ryan insists that is not the case.

Paul Ryan SAYS he wants a Smaller Federal Government but he does that by trying to get the Federal Government involved in regulating a woman's vagina and cuts everything except cash for war which he makes sure is available in unlimited quantities as per the political establishment's GOP focus on foreign policy (which Kissinger, Hillary's friend, shares with them), i.e. Paul Ryan does bad economics. That's his record. What's he hiding? Why is no one talking about the last fearless leader of Congress?

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