Apr 20, 2016

With Everyone From Mitt Romney To Jeb Bush Endorsing Ted Cruz, He Can No Longer Lie & Claim He Isn't GOP Establishment Anymore

Background: Ted Cruz Voted WITH The GOP Establishment To NOT Help 9/11 First Responders

Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz making Cruz the establishment's last hope... and the torch bearer of GOP establishment treason. In other words, Ted Cruz now IS the GOP Establishment. Paul Ryan is also standing in the wings with his baggage. But we now know what Ted Cruz is... a GOP establishment guy.

Now it's a proven fact, as every GOP establishment figure from Mitt Romney to Jeb Bush gets behind Ted, that Cruz IS GOP Establishment. No more lies, no more decoys. Just call it as it is. Cruz is back on the Traitor Train.

Other GOP Establishment Candidates Endorsing Ted Cruz;

Romney announces vote for Cruz as anti-Trump stratagem Rachel Maddow reports on the latest developments in the 2016 race for the presidential nomination, including Mitt Romney endorsement/non-endorsement announcement of his intention to vote for Ted Cruz in Utah.


The people Ted Cruz has with him are: Glen Beck, a well known figure from a local cult who is with Romney (also from his cult, so obviously they stick together).

Rick Perry, who, in the face of all evidence of increased child abuse resulting from his particular cuts in spending CONTINUED his policies with the help of the new Governor. To know something causes child abuse and to continue doing it makes a person PRO child abuse. 

Then there is Carly Fiorina whose only idea to help business is to fire everyone involved in actually running the company... till she got fired herself.

There there is Mitt Romey who tried to jump into the elections earlier in the season and seems to be orchestrating everything to get himself into the nominee seat again. He really does seem to believe the Mormon prophecy that there will be a Mormon President and he believes that will be him. A cult is something that believes crazy things.

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