Jan 5, 2016

There Are NO Spoilers For The Force Awakens. The New Star Wars Is A Sham Remake Of A New Hope

There is no other way to put it. J.J.Abrams intentionally went out to destroy Star Wars and succeeded. He's not going to shelve this movie and there is no way to fix this in any future movies. Star Wars is now just a cheesy remake of part 4 being marketed as Part 7 using million of dollars for marketing and big budget effects which can make ANY movie big (such as Independence Day but not as original). Personally, I'm never going to watch another J.J.Abrams movie. At least that's how angry I feel now. Being rich doesn't give anyone the right to do what he & Disney did.

Let me put it this way. Was Star Wars "The Force Awakens" marketed as a remake of part 4 or AS part 7? Lies & deception are at the core of this movie production not honor or integrity of any sort. If people are able to destroy this farce of a franchise it would be the honorable thing to do. Having billionaires lose a few millions over something they did that was dishonorable is not a bad endeavor but a good one. SO he can't buy two islands next year if this sham of a franchise is exposed, big deal. Truth is more important than fiction. Ideally, people would boycott Star Wars. I'm certainly not leaving my Star Wars timeline character on twitter for a cheesy and disrespectful remake.

Here is a comparison of Part 4 (A New Hope) with the New Star Wars with links to what is likely next based on what we know so far (that it's a sham remake being marketed as an original)

New Hope: R2D2 is entrusted with secret info that is key to the story.
Force Awakens: A new R2D2 that IS a ball that rolls (J.J.Abrams's "genius" at work) also keeps a disk of information that is key to the story.

New Hope: Orphan (Luke) in a desert encounters a situation that takes him off planet (with a Jedi)
Force Awakens: Orphan (Rey) in a desert encounters a situation that takes her off planet (Jedi is substituted with Rebels - J.J. Abrams probably figured that Luke encountering a Jedi so soon was a bad idea and should have met him later so decided to remake that in this one... while, probably, being contractually obligated to call it part 7 rather than a remake of part 4. Rather than refuse the money cause he couldn't be respectful to the franchise, he decided to pull a fast one with Disney's millions to market it in Christmas season, i.e. inevitable big hit).

New Hope: Darth Vader. Bad guy wears a black mask and scares people.
Force Awakens: Bad guy wears a black mask & scares people.

Here is an extract from an article on this betrayal of the Star Wars franchise & it's millions of fans (I'm definitely not watching another Star Wars movie. I know how it ends.)

Salon: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: You know all the spoilers in J.J. Abrams’ obsessive reboot — because you’ve seen this movie before 
Darth Vader has a copycat heir named Kylo Ren (Adam Driver, resisting shtick), who keeps his master’s melted helmet around and wears one of his own just to look cool. (He doesn’t need it to breathe, at any rate.) There’s an orphan who doesn’t understand his or her true powers, a spectral demonic figure who is using the Dark Side to conquer the universe and a bunch of pompous generals with Nazi-like uniforms and a planet-destroying superweapon. There’s a crazy bar full of aliens, a climactic battle on a catwalk inside a spaceship, an evil character whose good side may not be entirely dead, and the unexpected news that somebody is somebody else’s dad. I could go on, and when you see this movie you will too. In fairness, there are no Ewoks, and no Lando Calrissian. And why the hell not?
Whether Abrams’ obsessive-compulsive relationship to George Lucas’ 1977 original works for you is a subjective question, of course. You can choose to understand “The Force Awakens” as an embrace of the mythological tradition, in which the same stories recur over and over with minor variations. Or you can see it as the ultimate retreat into formula: “Let’s just make the same damn movie they loved so much the first time!”

Star Wars force Awakens is a crap movie with a predictable plot line and predictable future plot line:

{Spoilers} Extrapolating Plot Lines In Star Wars Part 8 (Rogue One) & 9 Based On Part 7 Being A Remake Of Part 4 (i.e. predicting what the future plot lines will be based on the fact that this is a remake)

Updated Jan 6, 2016:

The End Of Star Wars :( (OR Movies More Original Than Star Wars "The Force Awakens")

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