Jan 4, 2016

{Spoilers} Extrapolating Plot Lines In Star Wars Part 8 & 9 Based On Part 7 Being A Remake Of Part 4

BackgroundJJAmbrams Releases A Remake Of "A New Hope(4)": “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: You know all the spoilers in J.J. Abrams’ obsessive reboot — because you’ve seen this movie before - So the bad guy wears a mask, an orphan has special powers and somebody has a surprising dad -- sound familiar?

So, now that J.J.Abrams decided to destroy the Star Wars franchise by releasing a remake of part 4 as part 7... what can we expect from the next two planned movies?

Well, the first movie (part 7)had the exact same plot lines as the first movie of Lucas (part 4) so where else can the movie go but into remakes of part's 5 & 6?

Based on this basic premise I can make extrapolations of what we are likely to encounter in Part 7 & to a lesser or greater extent in part 8 (depending on how JJ Abrams takes this and reacts to it).

Luke Trains Rey Like Yoda Trained Luke. 'Feel the Force, Rey!'

Sneak Peak Of Star Wars 8 - 1:

Sneak Peak Of Star Wars 8 - 2 - Do or Do not there is no try;

Sneak Peak  of Star Wars 8 - 3 (final fight between Rey & The New Darth Vader);

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