Sep 16, 2015

GOP Put In An "Eminent Domain" Loophole So They Can Take Land Away From Private Citizens For The Keystone Oil Pipeline

It's amazing the depth the GOP will sink to to make the Keystone pipeline work for thier donors, the Koch Brothers! 

Right at the beginning you hear that the builder TransCANADA is going to use eminent domain to take land away from people for their pipeline.
At 2:30 - Above Tom Coburn argues FOR private property rights seeming to argue against parks and/or nature reserves and for the Government not touching private property using Eminent Domain. 

Later, when faced with a private company taking private property for something which doesn't benefit American Citizens (except for the Koch Brothers) he makes it clear with his silence that he believes that such rights of taking private property away should go to private corporations from foreign countries as long as the Koch Brothers get to make some money, everybody is happy.

What is Tom Coburn going to argue? That he's not GOP? Won't work. That he didn't know? Well, he knows now cause I'm sending the completed post to him & #Oklahoma via twitter.

Showcase: Meet A Few Citizens Whose Property Is Being Damaged By The Keystone XL Pipeline & Who Will Lose Their Property With This UnConstitutional GOP Scam

At 4:15 - Congress passes a bill prohibiting the Federal Government from exercising its power of eminent domain for economic development. Images from the bill the GOP passed to bypass a fundamental citizen right...

Koch Brothers

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